Infancia by Isabel Muñoz / Ukraine - Reality and Future

In the evening I attended the private view of Infancia, a photo exhibition by Isabel Muñoz, organized by Unicef. The photographer has won two World Press Photo prizes. These photos depict children from four continents and highlight how their situations relate to the Convention on the Rights of the Child.
As with most events of this type, those that address real issues, I always feel a bit uncomfortable when we, the visitors, then find ourselves drinking champagne and eating finger food... 

The exhibition is on show at Espace BGL BNP Paribas (Royal / Monterey) in Luxembourg City. 

After the photo event, I briefly went to an art exhibition Ukraine - Reality and Future. Paintings by various Ukrainian artists were shown at The Karp Law Firm in rue Philippe II. It is a charity project to help children from the anti-terrorist operation (ATO) zone in East Ukraine. 

Mountain Town by Anton Hudzykevich

Morning Shadows by Leonid Zaborovskiy
Food and drinks were also served at this event. 
Thank you to Leonora Yanko (www.greter-art.com) for giving explanations about the paintings. And thank you to Michel Karp for hosting this event. 



  1. What an interesting day! First of all, let me make you a compliment about the outfit! I also really like the idea of the photography exhibition. I know what you mean about the uncomfortable feeling... We have to be grateful for everything we have. The paintings by the various Ukraine painters are really really beautiful!

  2. Oh my my, Anouk - your hat is just amazing!

  3. You look gorgeous Anouk -- LOVE the skirt! Wow, the exhibition is truly looking amazing, and I can only wonder how the people felt viewing everything there. x

  4. I love your new hairstyle. This exhibition looks very interesting... I think I will have a look at it in the next few days.

  5. Adorable style beautiful Anouka.
    This exhibition is very pretty :)

  6. The Unicef exhibition looks woow and I totally get the uncomfortable feeling of the overflowing champagne.
    Your outfit is impeccable and I looove the headpiece in the first picture.

  7. You looks so cute in your outfit. Love the pictures.

  8. That gallery looks incredible. I've always wanted to immerse myself in more art and culture, especially related to photography. I think you've inspired me to go and do just that

  9. Loooove that head piece and the way you edited these photos! Looks like you had a great time!


  10. What an amazing show!!

  11. You attended some interesting events, especially the exhibit organized by Unicef is so touching. You look outstanding Anouk, love the outfit and also your make up/hair!:) Have a great Fri! xo

  12. Your hat is totally amazing! Love those beautiful show pictures too!
    xo, Jane

  13. The hat....!

    Looks like a great exhibition, as well. I really like the style of your recent pictures


  14. What an interesting day! I enjoy attending these kind of events. I like the last photo with your neutral outfit against the vibrant artwork. Lovely new hairstyle too!


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