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This is a selfie with Carmen and Emilie after yesterday's blogging class at House 17. 
The topic was graphic design, i.e. dos and don'ts for designing your blog. Emilie had invited Linda and David who create websites for clients. After a theoretical part in the classroom, we headed to the bar where I had the chance to ask questions about my blog design. Linda's feedback was that it looks good as it is now; clean, readable and that there was nothing in particular that I ought to change. 

One of the ongoing battles in my mind has been, whether to move to Wordpress, or not. After my failed attempt to make the move by myself a few months ago, I had decided to stay 'safe' for the time being and continue with Blogger, with which I am familiar with. It was interesting to hear the designers' opinion and it's great to know that if at some point I do decide to make the move, I know who I can go to. 
As last time, there was a lovely goodie bag waiting for us: a cute bag and notebook by muse by..., Luxuriant magazine, Ladurée macarons, Bernard Massard crémant, Lush bath ball, shampoo and conditioner. 


I was happy to meet some of the Luxembourg bloggers for brunch at Bouneweger Stuff on Sunday. I was a bit anxious that there wouldn't be enough room for all, as 17 people had signed up but I had only been able to secure a table for ten... 

But in the end there were last minute cancellations (as somewhat expected) and we ended up being ten. As you can see on the first photo, when bloggers get together and the food has been served, there is no stopping us from frantically taking pics: one for Instagram, one for Facebook, a couple for the blog...

And then silence. Everyone was enjoying their meal. I had the smoked salmon with jacket potato brunch plate. 

The food was really good. There are, amongst others, vegan and vegetarian brunch plates as well. As brunch isn't a traditional thing to do in Luxembourg, it's good to know that this is one of the few places where you can enjoy quality food in a very cosy setting on a Sunday morning. 

Bouneweger Stuff
1, Rue du Cimetière
L-1338 Luxembourg

I'm already looking forward to the December blogger meeting. I really enjoy these events as it's the first time that I am part of a community that shares my passion.



My latest column has been published in Discover Benelux http://issuu.com/scanmagazine/docs/discoverbenelux_11_nov_2014. I am a bit disappointed that the editor mistakenly cut out the link to our Blogger Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/bloggerLU, which I had added at the bottom of my article.



  1. Great pictures, as always :)
    Plus I really like the article, it's nice to see how and why you started your blog


  2. First photo of you three is so cute!!! I had the same dish during the meeting and I really enjoyed it, I would repeat it right now :)
    Speaking about the column, I am always looking forward to your next one, because I find it interesting!

  3. Another fun event! Love they tens in the goody bag. You look gorgeous Anouk --- loveee the headband. x

  4. The blogsessed post was an interesting read! First, it's so cool to attend a blogging class! I am sure you can learn many useful things and tips for the blog. You are so beautiful on the 1st photo! The blogging meeting looks like it was fun! Haha, I always take photos of the food wherever I go. I don't upload most of them though. And finally, I read the column and it's really interesting, as usual! Sorry to hear that the editor didn't include the fb link.

  5. I'm so sad I missed the brunch! And yay for the article, it's always good to promote blogging in Luxembourg :)

  6. Great post and I have been thinking to move to WP too but I am staying safe till I learn how to get a hold of it!

  7. LOVE the article! And that first picture is great, you look gorgeous in it!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  8. Lovely pictures.
    Your so pretty.

  9. The class sounds so informational and fun and what a fantastic goodie bag! Great article!

  10. Great post!!!!!
    Love the photos!!!!!

  11. Very nice article Anouck. So inspiring. You are lucky to have met those fellow bloggers. It looks so fun and the food delicious.

  12. Both events look fab & I'm now hungry after looking at your brunch plate!
    Hugs xoxo

  13. Beautiful pictures and such a fun event!
    xo, Jane

  14. Nice article, letting us know a little bit more of you.

  15. Great article Anouk and the photos are great!

  16. Very nice brunch !
    I love your article too.


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