Diwali, Vianden, Lët'z go local (Weekend)

I had such a busy weekend! Here is what I've been up to... 
This photo should have been part of my previous post "Thursday". I tried the So Vegi burger from the So Food Truck. I had high expectations but I found myself a bit disappointed. There wasn't enough cheese on it and there could have been more sauce. A bit of a dry experience. 
On Friday evening I met with my sister's girlfriends in order to plan her hen night, which will happen sometime in spring 2015. We had dinner at K116 in Esch. I didn't really know the girls; I had only seen them briefly once or twice before but it was fun to hang out with them and get to know them better. 
This is what the K116 café gourmand looks like. 

116, Rue de Luxembourg
L-4221 Esch-sur-Alzette 
My Spanish friend was visiting from Saturday and as it was his first time in Luxembourg, I took him to cosy Juegdschlass, a Luxembourg restaurant, for lunch. 
They have Kachkéis on their menu and I wanted him to try this Luxembourg speciality. 
It is cold cooked cheese. I personally love it but eat it rarely. 
As a main I chose tagliatelle with prawns. 

It was really nice to eat at Juegdschlass again. It's becoming part of my favourite restaurants in Luxembourg City. 

400, Rue des Sept-Arpents
L-1149 Luxembourg

After lunch we drove to the City to look at the main sights. We were so lucky that the weather was absolutely superb for early October. The sun was out and it was hot. 
In the evening we went to a Diwali celebration organized by the Indian Association Luxembourg. Friends of mine were there as well and together we had Indian food and enjoyed a show including Indian dancing and music. 
After dinner we had more drinks at Urban and then we left for Kayl, a village in the south of Luxembourg, where I wanted to attend the Oktoberfest. Unfortunately, when we got there the tent was full and we couldn't enter. The party looked really amazing from the outside. The tent was rocking! Disappointed we then went to a village pub for drinks before going home. 
On Sunday my friend and I visited the Vianden Castle. It's one of the touristic highlights of Luxembourg. 
For lunch, I had booked a table at Aal Veinen, which is the number one restaurant in Vianden according to Tripadvisor. 
We shared garlic bread as a starter. 
My main course was a mushroom omelette. Overall the restaurant experience was very positive and I would eat there again. 

Aal Veinen
114, Grand-Rue
After lunch we took the chairlift to enjoy the view over Vianden. 
When you reach the top of the hill, this chalet awaits you. We didn't have much time to stay up there and have a drink because my friend had to go to the airport to return home to Madrid. 
I spent the end of the afternoon at the Lët'z go local market where Luxembourg designers, creators and producers were presenting their services and goods. 

I ended the day by having a glass of wine with F to conclude this busy but memorable weekend.



  1. Wow, indeed a busy weekend! And you've been so close to my hometown ;) I regret that I couldn't go to Lëtz Go Local this year as I was sick and my boyfriend didn't wanna go there anyway. Next season however I will probably visit again :) Also I already heard about the Dalí exposition in Vianden. It would be a good reason to visit the castle once again (even though I have already been there countless times I always enjoy a new visit :))

  2. Indeed your weekend looked packed with activities that involved what else? Good food :)

  3. Thanks for sharing about your weekend. The presentation of the designer's goods looks like a great environment. Although, you were disappointed with the veggie sandwich, it does look delicious.
    Style Traction

  4. Amazing pics, your weekend looks really packed with activites :)
    I have never eaten this kind of cheese but I have to admit it looks delicious (I loooove cheese ) :D


  5. Wow! Looks like such a fun weekend! Luxembourg has some amazing restaurants indeed and that food looks just so good! Diwali is just a few weeks away so I'm pretty excited about it!!

  6. Wonderful photos, I want an omlette now :D Have a great week :)

  7. Seems like an eventful several days! Luxembourg looks so beautiful. I hope he had a nice time there!

  8. You really had a very busy weekend! Vianden Castle looks amazing, Id love to visit that place too, looks so picturesque!:) You are very pretty in the first pic!:) Kisses! xo

  9. seems like packed weekend!! :D thanks for sharing all these!! :D

    Animated Confessions

  10. Looks like you had a great weekend! I love your hair.

  11. Busy indeed! I haven't heard of the cheese dish before but it sounds good. Looks like it was a fun time in Vianden too!

  12. Amazing pictures, great to see what you get up to and I really feel hungry now.

  13. Wow you had an action packed weekend! Looks like you had a lot of fun! I am sad your food from the food truck was dry! The pasta looked yummy though!

  14. Oh my that is a beautiful view! So much food! Sorry to hear about the burger. I've only experience one amazing vegetarian burger myself, and sadly the burger place closed down.

  15. Looks absolutely fab! And the perfect sort of weekend filled with food, friends and shopping. The market stalls look great!

  16. Looks like you had a great weekend, gotta love your food pictures (they never fail to make me hungry!) and the market seems interesting!

  17. What a busy weekend indeed! The castle looks amazing and I am sure your Spanish friend enjoyed the tour. I'd love to try the Kachkéis!

  18. love it! great pics! i`m sure you have had a great time!!! :)
    amazing places! thanks for sharing!
    have a great day & keep in touch :)

  19. Okay, that was really intense, but very fun weekend!!! I haven't yet visited the Vianden castle, but definitely will do that soon.

  20. What a fool and busy weekend you had! Love your pictures and of course the one with the food makes me drool over my keyboard :))

  21. Your weekend looks so much yummy and fun!! Beautiful shot!
    xo, Jane

  22. Such a charming and picturesque city, love to try that cold cooked cheese and the luxembourg specialty! xo

  23. Fabulous photos as always!!!!
    You look beautiful!!!!

  24. Wow! So much yummy food, looks like a fabulous weekend!
    Giveaway on my blog - Win a pair of Ray-Ban sunglasses of your choice!

  25. WOw!!! U really had a busy weekend...! Everything looks great... Im kinda curious about the veggie burger, my expectations are super low though!



  26. It looks like you have been having a fun time with many varied activities! K116 definitely looks like my kind of place with those wonderful desserts and I must add Vianden Castle to my list - wonderful and the views are stunning too. The exhibition appeals to me too.

  27. Would love to see the Dali's expo - I saw one of his exhibitions before and it had such an impact on me emotionally. And I adore the photo of you, really beautiful! x

  28. This looks awesome - also yummmmm!

  29. You had such an eventful weekend! It must've just flown by!

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  30. Very nice place. I like the valley. The food looks delicious especially the mushroom Omellete. I wish to visit Luxemboug one day.

  31. Marvelous castle ! I want to visit it !
    You are so pretty on this first photo. Pastel colors look good on you :)

  32. Awe! That mini fiery dessert in Gourmand is something else! LOVE these travel pics!

    Fashion | Travel | Food
    Jo from http://www.Styleat30.com

  33. So many beautiful photos and delicious looking food! Thank you for sharing your input on the restaurants!

  34. great place!

  35. Such a busy weekend! all that food looks delicious and that castle is so pretty


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