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The few times that I have eaten at the Korean restaurant Gangnam, I have always had their prawn barbecue. This time I tried their bibimbap, without meat of course. 
Bibimbap consists of rice, vegetables, and a fried egg (and usually meat). The hot pepper paste makes this dish quite spicy. 
If I had known that the bibimbap portion was going to be that huge, I wouldn't have ordered salmon maki as a side dish. Plus, we got four rolls on the house. 
K had kimchi as a side. She found it quite spicy. And if she, who has a very high spicy food tolerance level, says so, it certainly must have been.

16, Rue du Brill
L-4041 Esch-sur-Alzette
I rarely display / discuss my braces. You may remember that I underwent surgery earlier this year in order to have four teeth removed. I got my braces in March and I was told that I probably had to wear them for two years. The good news is that I might be able to have them removed in six months, which would be almost a year ahead! 

At this stage I cannot imagine what it will be like to have a meal (especially spinach) without half of it remaining stuck between the brackets, wire, teeth. The most embarrassing part is when I find myself involuntarily spitting... The painful part is just after tightening, which occurs every five weeks or so. 

Well, when the big braces-free moment arrives, I will of course share a big smiling selfie :D 
My first ever Asos purchase: I saw fashion blogger Kristiana Vasarina wear this cute quilted shoulder bag and I ordered one for myself. The size is perfect! An item that I will use for many years to come. 

Today I am off to do more fashion photo shoots (as a photographer), one with F and one with Carmen B. I will share my insights about this new passion of mine in an upcoming post. Have a great weekend! 



  1. I've not tried bibimbap yet! Ah yeah I had braces before so I totally understand what you mean.

  2. Mmm, the Bibimbap looks very tasty! I'd like to have it with meat though. Great news for the braces! I can imagine how annoying is knowing that you have to wear them for such a long time. But it's for good! Have a nice weekend too and good luck with the photo shoots!

  3. Mega, wusst net, dat zu Esch een koreanechen Restaurant ass. Ech kennen just den Kimchi zu Stroossen. Muss dat dann mol eng Kéier testen :D

  4. First, please take more selfie because you look gorgeous. Second, I can't believe you had not bought anything from Asos and your first one was a bag!! Haha, I just had Korean food last week and we always end up with left over because of the sheer amount of food they give you!

  5. I've never heard about that restaurant but it sure looks delicious! :)

    Ah yeah, the braces, I still remember when I had mine, it was awful. Eating nutella became one of the least sexy activities ;) but afterwards you'll have the most beautiful smile ever and it will be all worth it :) Plus, I think you're handling it really well!

    huge kiss

  6. lovely blog :)

  7. It happens the same to me with the braces! I've been wearing them for a year and a half now and apparently I will have them removed this xmas (fingers crossed). Apart tightening I have got used to them pretty well and I smile as usual and don't care about them anymore. I believe I will feel weird when they are removed :)

  8. Cant wait for your smile selfie now!:) So happy for you, I know how you feel about it! The salmon maki made me very hungry, I havent one from summer, too long. Love the bag, need to check out the site now! Have a nice Sunday Anouka! xo

  9. Oh, the food sure looks tasty. I don't eat a lot of bibimbap, but you photos make me want to grab some!

  10. Bibimbap is one of my absolute favourite dishes! And i can't believe you only just ordered from asos for the first time, i spend way too much time and money in that online shop, haha!


  11. The Bibimbap looks so delicious! Your quilted bag is a good buy. Looks so stylish.

  12. The food looks great! I recently went to a Korean restaurant and had Bibimbap for the first time in my life! It was nice! Glad to know that your braces will be off sooner than you expected! Cute bag

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  13. I love bibimbap! I just made it the other week. That's great news about your braces!

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  14. I ate salmon maki yesterday, I love them ! So yummy ! :)

  15. There's a Japanese izakaya here in Toronto that has the best bibimbap! They put mushrooms and cheese in it..it's so good.


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