A few photos from my busy weekend. On Saturday morning, I did a fashion photo shoot with two Luxembourg bloggers, Imena and Vero. While I still enjoy taking photos of buildings and food, I feel it's time to evolve into a new direction and I think that offering my photo services to fashion bloggers is a great way to practice portrait and fashion photography. (Photo above by Vero)
On Saturday evening, F took me along to Asaf Avidan's concert. I had never heard of him before and I really enjoyed his performance. He was super entertaining and was telling funny stories throughout the evening. 
When he sang his last song, I realized that I had heard his music before. To be honest, if I had known that we would go and see the performer of that song (which I don't like that much), I would probably have refused to attend. This shows how we sometimes stand in our own way with our prejudgments and risk missing out on good times. 
I did two more photo shoots on Sunday morning and then rushed off to a birthday lunch. My sister's partner's grandmother was celebrating her 80th birthday and I felt honoured that she had invited me as well. 
The lunch was at Le Pigeonnier, a restaurant that I have covered several times on this blog. 
Some of the dishes may look like déjà-vus to you. 
I had two fish dishes: Aiguillette de Saint-Pierre (starter) and Turbot (main course).

The dessert was exquisite! 
The weather was amazing for early autumn. We had the coffee on the sunny terrace. 
This was the my birthday gift, a huge cake made by my colleague Ana. I don't think that the birthday lady appreciated it very much (she had to be asked twice to try a piece) but I nevertheless thought that it was a fabulous gift to make. 

Le Pigeonnier
211, Avenue de Luxembourg
L-4940 Bascharage



  1. It is great that fashion bloggers contacted you to take photo of them for their blog! I would do the same, but first I have to improve my photography skills. Now with the new lens the photos will be even better, I am sure! I have never heard of Asaf Avidan, which was the famous song you recognized? The birthday gift looks amazing, maybe the lady didn't want to ruin it, hehe.

  2. Wow! That food all looks amazing & beautifully presented.
    Hugs xoxo

  3. Wow. Great to know you are collaborating with other bloggers :) I think that's very exciting! Also, those dishes looks very delicious! Especially the cake. It's a pretty elegant cake by the way. :)

  4. I love the gift you made. The plaiting of the food looks so classy and elegant, I am sure the chef is an artist too :)

  5. First photo is definitely lovely! :)

  6. Aw! Everything in the birthday looks so beautiful and yummy! Love the cake u got her!



  7. Oh those desserts are fancy! That cake you got looks amazing, I would've have had to be asked more than once to try it haha.

  8. Can't wait to see more of your work on fashion shoots and all that food just make me want to eat the laptop screen. :D

  9. Oh my goodness that cake! It looks SO delicious. How nice you got to have a fashion shoot :)

  10. We should do a shooting together, too! I just wish I had more time at the weekends and we wouldn't live that far apart xD But I'm sure we'll find an occasion, too :)

    1. Shooting after the blogger meeting sounds great, I'm totally in and looking forward to it! :)

  11. I did not know you actually work with fashion bloggers with photography. How lucky are they to be able to borrow your photographic skill.Perhaps link their blogs with your work and share with us :)

  12. That cake really just knocked my socks off! Pretty pictures and I am looking forward to shooting with you, as well :)
    xx Poppy

  13. All the food for the birthday celebration looks seriously amazing and that cake is quite fabulous!

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  14. The cake is beautiful! Everything looks wonderful.

  15. How cool you take photos for other fbloggers. The lunch party looks great, I remember well that restaurant from your previous posts, Id be curious to try the cake you brought :) xo

  16. That cake is gorgeous! Maybe to pretty to eat? I'm thrilled to hear you're working with fashion bloggers on photoshoots now. Great use of your talents

  17. I'm sure you had so much fun at the fashion shoot and the food at the restaurant looks amazing. Definitely my kind of place! Beutifully presented and fish is usually my choice too. Your birthday gift looks stunning and I'm sure she was impressed really!

  18. OH my goodness that cake! It's gorgeous!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  19. Your weekend looks fun and delicious!! That cake is so amazing!!
    xo, Jane

  20. Fabulous photos!!!!
    Hope you're having a great week!!!!

  21. All that food looks almost too pretty to eat!


  22. Your photos are beautiful!

  23. Beautiful pics and delicious food!


  24. I love this post !
    See you soon pretty Anouka :)


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