Monday, 4 August 2014

Royal Palace and brunch at Fonty in Madrid

On Sunday I slept until noon and only got out of the hotel at around 3 pm. I had brunch at Fonty and then visited the Royal Palace. In the evening I wandered around and had an early night as I didn't want to sleep in again this morning. 
Have you seen the trailer yet? It looks very promising...
My brunch at Fonty: I had pain au chocolate, orange juice, and an espresso. 
My main course was eggs benedict, one of my favourite meals, with salmon. 
The brunch also included one cocktail of choice; I ordered the pisco sour. I had lots of these when I was in Peru. 
For dessert I had the banana chocolate mousse tartelette with mini biscuits. After this huge meal, I didn't need any dinner.

Calle de Castelló
28001 Madrid



  1. Wow! The palace looks so grand. I would love to visit Madrid!
    Hugs xoxo

  2. Madrid is one of my most favourite cities on earth, love the regal atmosphere, the palace is amazing.Thanks so much for stopping by...Hope you have a successful week ahead!

  3. The palace architecture is quite impressive! I can only imagine it was even better in person.

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  4. Beautiful Madrid! Lovely pix as usual!
    xo, Jane

  5. Oh, those scarves... How gorgeous!!! Your trip looks absolutely wonderful and sounds so relaxing! Thank you for sharing the photos! x

  6. I like Madrid. Visiting the Royal Palace was one of my favourite especially seeing their Armory. Brunch at Fonty looked so delicious.

  7. Wonderful place ! Your trip is fabulous <3

  8. The architecture of the museum is breath-taking. One of the best things living in Europe is the relatively easier access to these places filled with rich history! You are very lucky <3

  9. Firstly, I'm soooooo jealous you get to sleep in till noon! That's a luxury I probably won't enjoy for another 18 years. Lol. Madrid looks fantastic, the handkerchief garlands look so lovely and colourful

  10. Wow so historical and grande! Amazing shots hun. Excited to see more.

  11. This looks like such a wonderful place! The buildings are made so nicely and they look so filled with history! I'm jealous of you being in Europe! Your dessert looks delicious!
    lol, . I do that sometimes when I just sleep in way too late for my own good and then I regret it vcause my day is gone!!

  12. It looks like from your blog, you are having quite the adventure! I am so jealous of you:) I love your pictures...they are just so beautiful and enchanting:)
    xo Olivia

  13. I wish I could share your enthusiasm over that movie trailer but I don't sorry! It looked awful to me. It just reminded me too much of Twilight, granted the damn books were essentially Twilight with porn so I suppose they were successful in that sense no? LOL! Anyhoo eggs benedict is my favvvvvv! Craving some right now!


  14. I love all the architecture. That dessert looks/sounds delicious! & love the sunglasses :)

  15. Your pics are AMAZZZZING! U r gorgeous! and that alley with the flags is sooo stunning! LOVE! so magical!
    xoThe Beckerman Girls

  16. Stunning photos! This is bringing back memories from my visit many years ago. Ann x

  17. What a beautiful place! And I love eggs benedicts, yum!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  18. What a beautiful place!!! And the dessert looks amazing :D


  19. it looks breathtaking ! I love every single photo ! Such a great place :))

  20. I really hope ro visit Madrid one day! Beautiful shots, thanks for taking me there! It's nice that you lived with a spanish family for a month! I have never done this before, but I have heard about this.


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