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Here are a couple of photos that I still have left from my London trip. I'm not sure that I will get the chance to go back before the end of this year as I don't have many free days left to take. The next three weekends I will be busy travelling some more: Paris, Madrid and Rome. I don't know yet where I will spend my two-week holiday that I am planning to take in November. Ideally I want to travel long distance... Hopefully I will have a clearer idea in September - October. 

On Friday I hosted a party for friends, something I hadn't done for a while. I had ordered the food from a caterer and I am glad that it turned out well. I didn't have the chance to take photos of the amuse-bouches as I was busy welcoming and serving. But I can show you the main course and the dessert. 

Dinde Orloff (turkey), mashed potatoes and peas and carrots. 
Vegetarian lasagne and beans wrapped in bacon
Cheese platter
Crème brûlée
Mousse au chocolat
The food was provided by 
Traiteur Kirsch
27, rue du Commerce
L-8220 Mamer

I would order from them again because I was very happy with the delivery, the quality and quantity of the food. 
I received many lovely gifts from the guests: flowers, champagne, chocolates, beauty products, a cup and a book. 
Villeroy & Boch London cup

I guess my friends know me well... 
Of course it is nice to receive but for me it was equally a pleasure to host and have everyone have a (hopefully) good evening. It was fun to bring together friends that hadn't met each other before, my magician friend David did an impromptu show and finally, I'm sure that no one went home hungry. 



  1. We will be waiting for your posts, and enjoy your time traveling! You being picked to host and plan was the perfect idea :)

  2. This sounds, and looks, like a lot of fun! And ooooh all the champagne; you're lucky ;)

  3. Everything looks amazing! And your gifts too! You have quite a champagne collection now :) Its great that you will be traveling more in the upcoming weeks! Looking forward to reading all about it! Happy Sunday xoxo ES

  4. The first image is amazing!!!! These dishes make me become hungry !!!! Kisses (and thank you for your visit),


  5. You rock as a host, all that food looks amazing, haha!

  6. Next time, you have to invite me!:P I bet your friends had lots of fun and their tummy very full! Yum, the food you ordered looks great and so delicious! And I see you have been very spoiled, the gifts are so thoughtful. Looking very pretty in the first pic and the trip plans sounds fun!:) Happy Sunday Anouka, kisses! xo

  7. You are stunning! And tiramisu is something I haven't eaten for a while now, gosh I love it<2

    Would you like to follow each other? Let me know! :)


  8. you must have had a lot of fun, looks like a nice delivery, I'm sure everyone was happy

  9. Beautiful photos, I want to discover London :)

  10. You look so pretty. I love your first picture.

  11. What a lovely party. The food looks so delicious. You received so many gifts. Lucky you!

  12. Yummy food and beautiful gifts!! You look so beautiful!!
    xo, Jane

  13. I am sure your friends and you had an amazing time, all that food looks amazing and very delicious. The photos taken from the plane are one of a kind!

  14. The pictures taken from the airplane over London look amazing! Also I'm really glad that your little party was a success and the food does indeed look really good :)

  15. Hi, long time no see! I noticed that you changed the blog template again and it's really cool! You look so lovely on the first photo, did you change your hair colour? It looks a little bit darker. I'll check out the previous posts from London, hope you had a good time there! Hosting a party for friends with such a delicious food sounds great! I am sure they didn't go home dissatisfied!

  16. Looks like you hosted quite a lovely party with some really great food!

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  17. Looks someone was spoiled! All the food so yummy.... and you dear you have beautiful-beautiful eyes! xoxo

  18. That first picture of you is just simply gorgeous!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  19. You are constantly travelling! I can't believe you are able to take so many small trips AND a 2-week long vacation so soon lol. Can't wait to see where you go ;)
    Looks like a fun night..all the food looks delicious!!

  20. I love that photo of you. You look immaculate and so polished. Love that top too! Wow, you sure know how to host a dinner party. Everything looks delicious and so well presented. Your guests are very lucky.

  21. How gorgeous! I'd certainly have a dinner party catered if it's presented that well. How many holiday days do you get in Luxembourg? We get maximum of 30 days in the UK, that is, if you've been with an employer for at least 5 years. I'd love to have more free days to travel.

  22. Hello! Sounds like you're very busy at the moment! The party sounds lovely :)

  23. keep on travelling and post your experiences! I enjoy them so much!!
    by the way, I loved the asparagus bouquet with bacon...?? is that right?


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