At the museums (London Day 3)

This was my first visit to the Geffrye Museum in East London. I had a look at their permanent collection, which shows living rooms of British middle class families from 1600 until present day.
It was very interesting to see, from room to room, how the tastes in furniture and society evolved throughout the centuries.  
Selfie break
In the basement of the museum the Useful + Beautiful exhibition was currently on display. 
This couch is made of bungee jumping cords. 
Quite an original foldable chair (back). I didn't sit on it because it didn't look very comfortable. 
I will bear this quote in mind the next time I'm doing my spring cleaning. 
After my brief stop in Shoreditch, I went across the city to South Kensington to see what was on at the Victoria and Albert Museum. I purchased a ticket to the Wedding Dresses 1775-2014 exhibition but while I had to wait for my timed entry, I looked another temporary exhibition: Disobedient Objects
The displayed objects (t-shirts, posters, video, car, paintings, banners, etc.) from various places in the world were all linked to protests against injustices.  
This exhibition made me quite sad as I was thinking about the suffering that many people have gone and are going through. There are so many things in life that I take for granted and struggles that I will never have to experience. 
I moved to the fashion rooms to see the wedding dresses. Unfortunately, photography was not allowed. The original wedding dresses of Kate Moss, Gwen Stefani and Dita Von Teese were shown amongst others. Famous designers included Gareth Pugh, Vera Wang and John Galliano.
Contrary to Disobedient Objects, this exhibition was like walking through a dream. Until now I have never wanted to get married, let alone in white, but I caught myself thinking about the dress that I would like best and wear if I had to make a choice. 
For late lunch/dinner, I went to Khan's of Kensington for prawn masala with spinach and rice. The restaurant's reviews are pretty poor on Tripadvisor but I quite liked the food. The service was a bit stiff and could have been better though. Overall an acceptable experience but I'm sure that there are  many Indian restaurants in London where you get much better value for money. 

Khan's of Kensington
3 Harrington Road
London SW7 3ES
United Kingdom



  1. Beautiful pictures I love museums.

  2. Wonderful, have a great time there <3

  3. You know, I didnt know the Geffrye Museum but must be interesting while Id love to visit the wedding dresses exhibit too, what a shame u couldnt take some pics!:) You look pretty in the selfie and just made me wish for some Indian food right now! Kisses Anouka xo

  4. What an educational trip to the museums! I personally love visiting the museums. I am more of a natural history museums type of girl though haha. You look very pretty with the military green jacket!

  5. I never knew about the Geffrye Musuem. It looks so interesting. I always like the townhouses there in London. Too bad I missed the exhibits there at the V&A. I always stop there to visit when I'm in London. Looks like you are having so much fun.

  6. Amazing pictures!!! Enjoy reading along~~!
    xo, Jane

  7. amazing interiors!!! from classic vintage ones to modern looks!!

    Animated Confessions

  8. WOW! My fave is the first photo!

  9. I think this is a marvelous place. Congratulations for your trip. Kisses,


  10. This looks like a day well spent! I've never heard of the Geffrye Museum, but it looks right up my alley - I love recreations of interiors. I wish I could see the Disobedient objects at the V&A too, it looks really interesting.

  11. Your so pretty in the selfie! You had a fantastic day and saw unique things. I totally understand you with the weeding dresses, they always have and had a positive effect on me. I am married, but I would love to wear again a wedding dress :)

  12. I really want to see the wedding dress collection.
    Hugs xoxo

  13. The old furniture from the first museum looks amazing! And the dresses from V&A are amazing... I kinda regret not going there 2 weeks ago, but i guess that's a good reason to go back to london again :)

  14. love it ! all the photos looks stunning :)

  15. I love the Victoria and Albert museum!


  16. I love spending the day at museums. So many interesting things to see.

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  17. I enjoyed the museum trips. I don't get to do it even though I live here. I think that's what happens if you're local in the area and you work full-time; you tend to neglect to see the places that tourists would go and see. I enjoyed the tour. Thank you. That note about politeness--how very British. I think it has evolved to political correctness then on to not being able to speak your mind for fear of being regarded as politically incorrect. I loved the quotes about keeping pieces at home. I agree. That's why I don't hoard unnecessary things. I'd love to think that I only keep useful, beautiful things :)

  18. What a beautiful museum Anouka! Great photos!

  19. Great photos!!!!!

  20. Nice thank you for sharing this london trip, I loved it, now I jst want to o back there!!!


  21. I love your photos pretty Anouka :)

  22. Very interesting exhibits..I love the V&A museum!

  23. Fascinating museums....I knew there were a lot of museums in London but I haven't heard of any of these!


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