Safety Days in Colmar-Berg

Yesterday my mum (sitting next to me wearing glasses) and I participated in the Safety Days (previously known as Young Drivers' Day) event in Colmar-Berg. The aim was to remind drivers of the importance of safe driving through different workshops. 
The first workshop was a simulation of what it would feel if you had a car crash and the car would roll over. I volunteered to sit inside the car. I can tell you that it was a scary feeling. We were all screaming as the car was rotating. 
Next up was a session about the dangers of drunk driving (something that I have frequently been guilty of). The glasses above give you an idea how difficult it is to see clearly when you have had a few too many. 
We mixed a nice non-alcoholic kiwi cocktail. There are many delicious drinks that don't have to involve alcohol. 
This is the alcohol breath test machine that the Police are using when checking drivers. 
A damaged car from an accident where the driver died but the passenger survived. 
The third workshop was about ensuring that your car is in good order, especially before going on long-distance trips. 
We also learned about flat tyres, what you can do if this happens to you and how the tyres can be repaired. 
The last session before lunch was about driving slowly on a wet track and then fully hitting the break. The faster you drive, the longer it takes to bring the car to a complete halt. 
Then it was time for a lunch break. 
Challenge: get as many people as possible inside this car. 21 people managed to fit inside. 
After lunch we practiced more driving on wet tracks. This time the car was made to skid and we had to get it back under control. 
We were then asked to drive into wet roundabouts and we were taught that winter tyres have a much better grip than summer tyres. 
This was a fun exercise. I managed to mess it up completely by not following the instructions to leave the hand break on. My team leader wasn't too happy with me. 
Next up was driving fast cars on the racing track. As passengers of course. Professional drivers took us around for a couple of laps. 
I sat in the car above. It was boiling hot inside. I had to wear a helmet and we drove at 270 kmh (168 mph). The driver was wearing a fire proof suit while I was in shorts and tee. It was a bit scary and I was thinking if this car goes up in flames, I will turn into a grilled chicken. 
A more relaxing workshop had us drive hybrid cars through the village and the instructor showed us how we could save energy by knowing when to switch gears and avoid unnecessary full stops. 
Back to tyres: it is important to choose a quality tyre and they come in different categories: A to G. We were taught how to read the various information written on the side (age, size, wear). 
The final two sessions centred around how to fill in an accident report and basic first aid. 
At the end I got the result of an inspection that was made to my car. Unfortunately I failed in two areas: not enough window cleaner liquid and the breaks need to be replaced. Good thing that I am anyway taking my car to the garage tomorrow for minor fixes, so it can all be sorted then.

This was a really useful and eye-opening event. Even though I have been driving for many years, this was a good refresher and I learned many new things. At the end we were showered with many practical goodies and we went home tired but happy.



  1. Wow, that looks like a very interesting day! So many useful things indeed! I have been driving for 6 years and I am still not sure of myself. I need to go to something like this. I know nothing about tires; my father does everything so that my car is in a good condition.:/

  2. Racing is something I would rather watch on TV than real life experience. I was never into auto racing or cars lol toe automobile is something with four wheels that take me to places. I'm glad you got to experience this though. Some things you just have to need to do it once. It's called YOLO (you only live once).

  3. Love your sporty look! This event looks interesting and informative!
    xo, Jane

  4. I would recommend an event like this for me, I am new driving who hate driving with a passion, I avoid it as much as I can but as much as I would love too not drive I have to , so this event is for me. The post is very informative and thanks for sharing.

  5. What an interesting and useful workshop. I have a driving license from about 15 years, but I hate to drive so I avoid it. My husband is a great driver, so when we are going somewhere he is the driver :)

  6. Great event ! Very informative :)

  7. Looks like a great workshop. Something they should probably do over here, maybe they do and I just don't know about it! Always good to have a refresher.

  8. This is such a nice experience and I would like to experience it as well. It's amazing how 21 people fit in that car!!! :O Learned a lot from this post. Thanks for sharing! :)


  9. Cool event! I'd love to go in a race car someday :D

  10. Events like this is very cool AND ery helpful! Salute to the organizers and congratulations for you and your mom among others!


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