Lazy Saturday

Today I spent most time in bed curing my headache caused by last night's drinks. I had gone out to watch France - Germany. France unfortunately lost!

I had some pasta for lunch and read a bit of Les hommes, l'argent et le chocolat (Men, money and chocolate) by Menna Van Praag. I've only read a third but from what I understand, it's a novel about happiness and living the life one wants to create. 
I was having an afternoon nap when my friend Phil called me. He is now back from a trip to the US and we were planning when to go out for drinks next. After the call, I had rice cakes with crunchy chocolate spread. I am now watching Argentina - Belgium. Wishing good luck to my Belgian neighbours. 



  1. I'm having a lazy Saturday too..but the weather here is perfect today so I might force myself to go out later. I'm watching the Belgium/Argentina game now too..hopefully Belgium will catch up!

  2. The book sounds interesting to read! It's not bad that you had more drinks last night haha. I'm watching the Netherlands vs. Costa Rica now. Go, go, Netherlands!

  3. Hi Anouka! You did well to rest, sounds the perfect Sat, even if you had many drinks last night. The novel seems nice and Im just craving for your treats!:) Im not watching the games at the mo but 007!^^' Have a goodnight! xo

  4. I kind of also had a saturday like this and was also watching the football game :)


  5. I kinds like lazy Saturdays Hope you feel better.

  6. I have got to try the chocolate spread over rice cake thing! I have never done that! I hope your headache goes away soon! I'm not a big alcohol drinker and thankfully I have a fairly high tolerance when it clmes to liqors lok

  7. Hi Anouka, that book looks like a good read. Unfortunately, Belgium lost. Enjoy your night out.

  8. Sounds like a perfect and relaxing weekend! x


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