Happy days in Milan

So apparently with my new look I look like a tranny. Or an escort girl. Or a hooker... My friend G was really shocked when she saw me and that was the feedback she gave me. I wasn't offended; I found it quite amusing. But just like F and my mum, she reckons that I look better with black hair. Oh well! 

We met for lunch at Ravizza, where we also ate when I visited in December. I had aubergines and two pizzette. We agreed to meet again later for dinner. 

Via Hoepli 3
20100 Milan

I wandered around Milan and did a bit of shopping. Sales are on everywhere but I had a hard time finding something I liked. Gone are the days where I would just buy for the sake of making bargains. I tried on a few dresses at TRF (Zara) but even size large was too small for me! 

What better way to console myself other than with a nocciola and tiramisu gelato? 

At some point I heard loud roars by girls. I was very curious and I followed the noise. Dear Jack, an Italian band was at a bookshop and a few fans were let in for a meet, greet and autographs. I had never heard of them before. 

In G's opinion I dress too sexy, put on too much make-up and therefore I thought that I need to tone the look down. I bought a couple of demure dresses at COS. They look of course much better when worn with a belt. 

Ceci n'est pas un bib. I have been eyeing this COS shirt collar for a while and I finally bought it. I don't like wearing shirts under jumpers but this will be a more comfortable solution. What do you think? 

I have also purchased some tongs and strings at Oysho.

In the evening G and I went for dinner at Volemose Bene, a Roman restaurant.

I had made an effort to wear less make-up and G agreed that I looked better this way.

I had aubergines with parmesan. It was sooo delicious.

These tonnarelli with cheese and pepper were really good as well. Unfortunately I couldn't finish the plate.

My friend G and I. We have known each other for eight years now.

The restaurant offered us limoncello after dinner.

Volemose Bene
Via della Moscova 25
20121 Milan 

This morning I overslept; I had forgotten to set the alarm and I was in a rush to check out and I had to skip breakfast. I had a quick lunch with G at Signorvino and I was a bit surprised by the small portion. This was not supposed to be a starter.
We had a nice view of the Duomo and Messi.
I thought that for once I create an 'action eating shot',  haha.
Time was short and we had a quick mezzo mezzo coffee. It tasted like iced coffee.

Now I'm back in Luxembourg and looking forward to the Safety Days event (driving workshop) tomorrow that I will be attending with my mum.



  1. The food look truly interesting this time. Oh...and gelato. I don't blame you on indulging on that. I would totally too as well! I love your new fashion purchases. You look great in monochromatic tone clothing! (sexy lingerie haha). As for me, not much have happened in the past two weeks as I have been very occupied at work (daily routine plus training new assistant plus lack of sleep these days, sigh). I hope to come back to post real soon!

  2. Nam!!! Im so jealous! Ive had a huge tooth ache for the last three days and could only eat bread and butter :(



  3. Everything looks beautiful, the view of Duomo and Messi , the food but the gelato is what I mostly love.
    I don't think you wear too much makeup by the way, of course my personal opinion and blond look great on you.

  4. I have the same problem with sales and Zara sizes xD Nice to hear you had a fun time and some yummy food!

  5. Well, to be honest I dont agree, the color you have now is really beautiful and suits your skin tone and eyes very well, is like they stand out even more. Plus, I dont think you exaggerate with the make up and the red lips are always very feminine, hope you wont stop to wear it! Btw, Milan is always gorgeous, I see you had good food and had a lovely haul, the dresses are so chic!:) Have fun tmw! Kisses Anouka! xo

  6. Hi Anouka, I honestly think you look gorgeous with light hair, it really does suit you. Your trip sounds amazing and the food looks so scrumptious, really terrific buys!

  7. Oh take me to Milan please! Lovely photos, the food looks yummy and the Italian coffee is the best! Congrats on your purchases! The dresses would be great for summer. I think the collar shirt is perfect for wearing it under a jumpsuit. I don't think you look like a tranny or... I like your hair colour very much. It's nice that you have a friend living in Milan and you could spend some time together :)

  8. I love your hair!

  9. Italian gelato is the best ever! I ate something similar in Hungary, but it was not as good as in Italy :)) Great pictures!

  10. This post is fabulous ! You are so lucky to travel a lot. Very nice moments :)

  11. I miss reading your blog! I always love to read and keep updated on your travel posts because I want to see those virtual images which makes me feel I'm with you whenever you travel. You inspire me a lot! :)


  12. seems like you had a great time!
    your hair looks really light but I like it. I have gotten some similar comments before about looking like an escort hahah


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