#Fail (London Day 2)

Yesterday morning as I returned to my hotel from a run, I saw a film set outside Burger King on Leicester Square. I stopped to have look at what was happening. The scene: a guy chatting to a girl with a bike. I didn't recognize the actors. A man standing next to me said that it was Bradley Cooper. But the guy looked nothing like him. 'Bradley Cooper has shiny blue eyes. This one doesn't', I thought to myself. Anyway, this morning I read a People Magazine tweet... indeed, Bradley Cooper and Sienna Miller had been filming outside BK... There you go, you run (almost literally) into one of your top three favourite Hollywood actors and you don't even recognize him! Mega #fail. 
I had lunch at Benihana. I ordered the Deluxe Sushi lunch set with piri piri spicy prawns and spinach. The food was good but the most interesting part was the chef who was preparing the lunch of other guests who were sitting at my table. 
For an entertaining Japanese food experience, go to Benihana!

Benihana (Piccadilly)
37 Sackville Street
London W1S 3EH
United Kingdom
I spent the rest of the day shopping.
Late afternoon ice cream at Amorino in Old Compton Street. 
Dinner was as well in Old Compton Street: falafel box with fries at Maoz Falafel.

Maoz Falafel
43 Old Compton Street
London W1D 6HG
United Kingdom


  1. At least some how you saw Bradley Cooper. He is one of my favourite actors. Your food here all look so delicious. I love Japanese food. Did you go to Benihana alone? I wouldn't mind eating falafel. Looks so healthy.

    1. Yes, I went there by myself.

  2. Your dinner looks delicious! xo

  3. This falafel box looks so interesting! And your Hollywood experience sounds like something that could totally have happened to me, too :D

  4. haha so funny! I am sure i wouldn't have recognized him neither :D

    your pictures always make me feel soooo hungry!


  5. Lol, I wouldnt recognize him either, what a shame though! The sushi looks very appetizing, as well as the falafel which is one of my fav dish!:) Kisses Anouka! xo

  6. Wow! What a great experience to basically run into:) Anyway, hope you're enjoying your time... food looks delicious!
    xo Olivia

  7. Looks delicious. If I am ever in London I will go.

  8. I love Bradley Cooper!! Actors/celebs always seem to look different in real life though..I rarely recognize people either.
    We actually have a Benihana in Toronto too. I haven't been there yet but I would love to someday (actually that gives me an idea..maybe I'll take my sister there for her bday next week)
    Amorino gelato is the best!! I love when they make it into flowers in cones

  9. Amazing that you saw Bradley Cooper! I adore him!!!! I also adore Japanese food & love it when the chefs prepare in front of you.
    Hugs xoxo

  10. That's hilarious!!! I love checking filming locations... it's always so much fun :)


  11. That means that the actors don't look live exactly like in the movies. But at least you saw him :)
    The food and the ice-cream looks delicious!

  12. I love Londoooon <3
    Your story is so fun :p

  13. Haha, it happens! Bradley Cooper is hot and he is one of my favourite actors too! Mm the sushi looks great, so does the ice-cream! Did you buy something interesting while shopping?

    1. A couple of dresses at Monki, make-up, chocolate and a swimsuit :)

  14. What a wonderful day! And how fab to run into the movie set - would love it if it happened to me... Though I would most likely be totally oblivious or wouldn't recognise anyone either... :( Thank you for the address of a falafel place - will remember this one. :)

  15. Oh, lucky you! :)

    P.S.: Yummy ice-cream!

  16. Dein Sushi is super und I wouldn't mind seeing BC even if I can't recognise him.
    Schönes Abend!

  17. Yum sushi~~!!! These pix make me super hungry now:)
    xo, Jane


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