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This week has been fairly quiet as I have been very tired (again). The photo above is a selfie that I took yesterday morning before leaving for work. 
Midweek I went to Urban Belval for dinner with a friend. Since I have been exercising a bit more for the past month, I am so much more hungry. I had a quinoa burger but since I didn't take a photo of it, I am sharing with you (photographically) the quesadilla I ate last week at Urban Belval (the day I went to the Blondie concert). 

On Friday I had after work drinks at Urban with F and C. We had a small dinner break at Quick (fast food burger restaurant) before heading back for more drinks. 
As usual I had difficulties getting up this morning but I had agreed with a colleague to meet in the City to celebrate her birthday around lunch time. I had a salmon and tuna tartine, as well as a prawn tartelette. 
We both had lemon raspberry cakes. Not something I would normally have chosen but it turned out to be so good. 
16, Grand-Rue
L-1661 Luxembourg
I also stopped by at Ladurée to get macarons. The current box is 'Soldes-0%' (sales) but there was no discount on the macarons. Would have been too nice! 
I was looking for a new 'Séduisante' lipstick but as it wasn't available at the shop, I chose a similar shade, 'Surprenante', by Chanel. 
My mum made jam and gave me these two mini samples. Every day she asks me, whether I like  them but I have run out of bread and I haven't had the chance to give them a try yet. 
For dinner I had a piece of salmon terrine, also from Oberweis. I could eat this kind of food daily!

This evening I'm watching football. Now that my favourite team England is out, I think that I'm going to support the USA.



  1. Beautiful photos! All the food looks really good as usual. Do you wear false lashes every day? I've actually never tried but I've been thinking about it..not sure I'll be good at applying them though lol

    1. Yes, since last November, I am wearing falsies daily. After a while it's as easy as inserting contact lenses. It really takes me two minutes only these days.

    2. yea I think if I start I'll get addicted to them and will use them everyday as well lol. I want to try coloured contact lenses too.

    3. I have tried coloured contacts for a while several years ago but depending on the colour, they can be a bit annoying to wear as they sometimes give you a blurry vision. But maybe for fun, I might buy some again.

  2. I never had a quinoa burger, must be very good! But also, a doctor told me I should exercise, because I am also tired to leave bed in the morning :) but if it makes me more hungry then I don't want :) I loved the Chanel lipstick, the color is great! I am now following you on facebook - you don't have to follow me back if you don't wish, but if you like my page I'd be so gllad! Have a great weekend! denisesplanet.com

  3. these eyelashes look just perect on you... You always show us amazing places to eat... I love it !

  4. Yummy! It looks so good :)

    xx, http://own--it.blogspot.com

  5. You are wonderful <3 Yummy food too :) Happy week-end :)

  6. I said it before about your new hair colour and bold lips. But now I am loving the long lashes and pink lips even MORE! Oh, how have you stepped out of the box this year so far! I am really "proud" of you to be different! I hope you know how beautiful you look and not just on the outside inside also :)

  7. The selfie is the best photo, you look so pretty and sweet!:) Btw, as always your food makes me hungry, congrats to your mom for the jam, Im sure both must be very good :) Just love also your new lipstick, got a similar shade too last week! Enjoy the weekend Anouka, many kisses! xo

  8. Hola!Lindo post!!!Me gusta tu blog...Me tentè con el postre y los macarones ...

  9. Chanel lipstick metled my hart :).

  10. The raspberry lemon cake get me hungry and I am loving the lipstick!
    I wish my mum makes jam.

  11. You look great on the first photo. I wish I looked so good in the morning before work! I love quesadilla! I had once in Bratislava and it was extremely delicious! How cool you mum makes jam; it is always better when it is home-made. Have a great Sunday! :)

  12. The salmon terrine and your shrimp dish looks so delicious. The Chanel lipstick colour is gorgeous. Have a wonderful Weekend.

  13. The quesadilla is looking so good!
    And that lipstick shade is wonderful!

  14. That Chanel rouge is amazing! :)

  15. The Chanel rouge is really nice :)
    Your life looks pretty amazing :)

    Svetlana from Lavender Star // BlogLovin //
    Instagram // Faceboook

  16. Love the Laduree box so original! P.S you changed your blog layout! Looks nice xoxo ES

  17. Haha a discount on macarons would have been nice indeed! And all of this food looks once again really amazing!

  18. You look gorgeous, so fresh and beautiful! And the food is just to die for! I could eat like this every day, too. :)


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