Night out in Trier

I was very excited to join my team colleagues for a night out in Trier in Germany. We started off with drinks and Hungarian schnaps.

I'm always amazed at how you get great food in Germany for so much less compared to Luxembourg. We had dinner at Donna Mia on Kornmarkt. 

I had a Caesar salad with prawns. I didn't eat the bacon though. 

The salad came with three pieces of foccacia.

Donna Mia
Am Kornmarkt
Johann-Philipp-Strasse 2-3
54290 Trier

After dinner we went to Walderdorff's for more drinks, then to the Irish pub. 

We left the Irish pub for another bar, whose name I don't recall. We had tequila shots and having only eaten a salad, I had 3 am chips. 

I went to sleep at around 4 am while the remaining guys went on for more drinks. I heard that they stayed out until 7 am! It was a good idea to take a hotel in Trier and not drive home to Luxembourg. Getting up the next day was tough but I had the Irish Ball event waiting for me. I will share those pics with you tomorrow.



  1. Mmm the food from the place in Germany looks absolutely fantastic! It's very cool that you go out with your colleagues. I often do it as well. Have a relaxed Sunday! :)

  2. I really love your hair color, my dear!

  3. Great photos and yummy food <3

  4. Without reading your post I actually though you looked great when a bit if red flush in your cheeks! Nateial blush :) also I love how you did your eye makeup :)

  5. You dont look tired at all but very pretty! And the food in Germany is really delicious, made me so hungry! Happy Sun Anouka! xo

  6. You look gorgeous in the first picture, not tired at all! Nice photos and very delicious looking food again.


  7. You look so super nice, i love your haircolor :)
    And the food looks as always suuuper delicous :)

    Svetlana from Lavender Star // BlogLovin //
    Instagram // Faceboook

  8. You look elegant and pretty. Salad and alcohol wow a combination, did you not get drunk easily?

  9. A good idea staying in a hotel after a long evening. The food looks so appetising and I didn't realise that it was cheaper than Luxembourg.

  10. That food looks so delicious!!
    Sounds like your life is really eventful these days..total opposite to mine at the moment lol. I haven't gone out in forever =\

  11. Great food and even tired you look great!

  12. ooohhh the pasta and salad looks sooo yummy!! :D

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  13. Chips at 3am always taste the best!!!
    Hugs xoxo

  14. The food looks so delicious it made me hungry. :) And I adore this shade of blue on you - just gorgeous! x

  15. I definitely have to remember this restaurant! The food looks so yummy and interesting. Whenever we go to Trier we end up at the "Kartoffelkiste", which is really yummy but I feel like trying new restaurants, too ;) Also I have never been to Trier for a night out! I know a lot of people who go clubbing over there and then still drive home to Lux... I would never do that though...

  16. You have a very busy social life my dear! The food is wow as always! xoxo ES


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