It's midweek and I'm already exhausted. Monday and Tuesday were spent at Urban for after work drinks. They have a new Gin and Tonic menu and I gave their Bloom and Tonic a try. Well, last night I gave it three tries, one too many. 


I got my baby back today! I had made the very very stupid mistake of pumping diesel instead of petrol. I had to call the breakdown lorry and my car spent two days at the garage for repair. Luckily I have full insurance and I really hope that they will cover this quite expensive error of mine. 


Today I attended the Hub Dot event held at the BoConcept store. The goal was to get women to network, present inspiring personal success stories and support one another in achieving our dreams. 

I had never been to this store and I realized that I absolutely must do something about my place; it just looks unfinished and I need to add a more homely touch to it. 

Along with finger food and drinks, there were music performances at the event. 

The key message that I took home was the reminder that we can make our dreams reality and that nothing is impossible. 


The remainder of this week will be filled with lunches, dinners and drinks, and a blogger closet sale  on Sunday (here's the link to the event https://www.facebook.com/events/1391828404437148/).



  1. This event looks like fun and a perfect way to relax from a stressful week!
    Your car is awesome and I'm glad that its fixed now! =)

  2. The drinks look so delicious. Gin and Tonic is one of my favourites. I also made a mistake before of using a lower grade petrol on my my German car instead of the premium petrol and it also damaged the spare plugs of my car. Never again. I also recently attended a Women in Leadership seminar which was also inspirational just like the one you attended. We must always remember that we can make our dreams a reality and that nothing is impossible. It's hard and we have to be patient but we must keep on moving on. Never give up!

  3. OMG that is my biggest fear. That I'll pump the wrong kind of petrol into my car hahaha! I always blank out when I'm at the pump. Hopefully your insurance will cover it! Loving those gin and tonic shots. I wouldn't have stopped at one either ;o)


  4. Those G&T's look fabulous, it's one of my favourite long drinks! Glad your cars ok now, bet you won't do that again!!!!!
    Hugs xoxo

  5. Opps on the mistake with the car. Yes luckily insurance covered for it but it could have happened to anyone since the car is new for you. I'm sure it won't happen again!
    Have a good rest of the week! Myself can't wait for Friday to arrive and ends at work! I have a fun tournament weekend ahead. Can't wait :)

  6. Luckily, the mistake has been fixed, what a shame! Hope the insurance will cover it! Seems your week is going fine and with fun, keep to enjoy it dear Anouka and do not drink too much!:P Hugs! xo

  7. I often do the same mistake to go out for drinks during the week and on Thursday I just can't wait for the weekend to get relaxed. Those Bloom & Tonic coctails look fantastic, the perfect summer coctails. About the car - did you know that you were pumping diesel instead of petrol? I'll keep my fingers crossed for a quick repair! I also checked the event on FB and I am so interested in your items :) Too bad I can't attend the event.

    1. The repair is done. I didn't realize my mistake until the next day... Very embarrassing!

  8. Sounds like a fun and busy week! Enjoy!! :)

  9. Oh dear, that's an expensive mistake. I hope the insurance covers it! I'm a gin and tonic fan so I know I would enjoy this bar and menu.

  10. Sounds like a splendid event. And look at those GTs :)


  11. …Ups!! Disel instead of Petrol is not good but it happens all the time. Your baby is beautiful!! I hope you have a great rest of the week and can relax on the weekend.


    Kisses from Vienna,
    Mahshid مهشید

  12. Sorry about your car. I like the message of the event, it is really true, if somebody is ambitious enough dreams can come true and nothing is impossible!

  13. What a great week! :) xoxo


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  14. I made that mistake when I first learnt to drive in my father's car. hehe. Hope you enjoy your weekend.
    Style Savouring

  15. sounds like great days! and hope your insurances will cover everythign - the car is awesome! :)


  16. Great photos, the decor store looks amazing and sorry to hear about the car, glad to know its fixed! Thanks for sharing your opinion with me. Wishing you a warm and wonderful weekend!

  17. I can never say no to a tasty gin drink either- haha, i feel your pain! and ahhhh, i'm always terrified i might accidentally choose the diesel. thank goodness it got all straightened out already!

    xo marlen
    Messages on a Napkin

  18. Hope this accident with diesel is finished... Your new car is fabulous.
    Have a lovely weekend :)

  19. Seems like an eventful week. We have a BoConcept store here too very close to where I live.
    Sorry to hear about your car..hope it's all fixed now!


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