Earlier this week


I attended a Dinner in the Dark, where you eat blindfolded. The aim of this dinner was to make you aware what it feels like to be blind and realize how challenging simple things like pouring water and eating from your plate can be. A blind lady was present at the event and answered questions about what it's like to lead a normal daily life as a blind person.


I went on my second date with a special someone. We had a bit of food and I had my favourite drinks: caipirinha and gin & tonic.


I attended an Indian classical music concert organized by Friendship and held at the Banque de Luxembourg. 

It was only halfway through the evening that I noticed that my camera had no memory card... Hence no photos of the concert but a few snaps taken at the reception that followed. 

Before leaving F and I purchased these bags that were woven in Bangladesh. 


No photos. Far too many after work drinks and one of those evenings that end at McDonald's.

I am aiming at having a drink-free weekend... 



  1. Seems you had a pretty hectic and busy week! You look beautiful in all the pics, you have a really lovely face!:) And what an experience at The Dark, really interesting. The bag you got is very nice, also the food they served looks good. Happy weekend Anouka, kisses! xo

  2. Cute bags! Oh, I still have not tried the drinks you mention a lot, but I know it's delicious from what I hear -- have to remember next time. Looking gorgeous as always. x

  3. This sounds like a lovely full week with so many great outings and events, the concert must have been a great experience and the food looks pretty good too

  4. What an interesting week!! you've done many things :) also the dark restaurant sounds really interesting. I haven't been able to see for a couple of days this week (I had surgery in my eyes) and it was really difficult trying to do regular things like having a shower or eating dinner... a real challenge

  5. All these food look so delicious. Hmmmm looks like a fun second date too Anouka! :) Have a wonderful weekend.

  6. You are just too beautiful for words. Just so so so beautiful! I think if I ever met you, I'd just stare for a bit. :)

  7. What an exciting week, the dining in the dark sounds so amazing. I would love to attend something like that, I bet it was such an eye opener! Very jelous of every single foodie pic as well ha! Can I just say you are absolutely stunning as well, that first picture is just flawless!

    Elisse x

  8. What a busy but varied week you have had. The food at the reception after the concert looks so appetising and the bags are lovely, useful too.

  9. SUper nice pictures, you are so pretty!
    I have never been to a blind dinner but I guess it must be an amazing experience!!!

    Svetlana from Lavender Star // BlogLovin //
    Instagram // Faceboook

  10. You have been a busy bee! As for the blindfolded restaurant I can't recall who told me about that but I have heard it before and think it's pretty cool. Hope it all works out with your special someone and you have a fabulous weekend! |P.S love seeing more of you pretty lady xoxo ES

  11. Second date sounds interesting ;) You gotta tell me more about that when we meet next :D

  12. You are so adorable and beautiful on these photos <3
    Have a lovely weekend sweetie :)

  13. You had a busy week! Looks like a lot of fun, love your Friday....I, too, feel like I need a drink-free weekend (hasn't happened yet, though!)

  14. sounds like you had a great week!
    there is one of those dinner in the dark restaurants here. It seems quite interesting but really difficult to eat!

  15. I'm so happy to hear that you had such a great time with a special someon :) you have been looking gorgeous and mostly importantly you are happy :)

  16. The Dinner in the Dark sounds such a good idea. We really take things like our sight for granted so it must have been interesting to experience eating blind.
    Hugs xoxo

  17. I really hope that blind people get understood more often by others. Seems that your week was pretty eventful! You are so beautiful on the 1st picture! Great makeup and hair! The food on the pictures looks so good and I am glad that you had a nice evening with the special one! ;) Have a nice and relaxing Sunday! Xo!

  18. I think as Tiffany!!!! You have a fantastic week!!! Kisses.


  19. What a pretty pic, you're so lovely!

  20. Busy week I guess. I want to try eating blindfolded as well.


  21. Beautiful shot!! You look very lovely!!
    xo, Jane

  22. Dinner in the Dark...sounds interesting. I should be wearing a raincoat and rain boots as I'm sure my food will be all over me. Was your date via Tinder again? My friend hooked up with a guy a month ago, and he asked her to be his girl on Friday. She said yes :)

    1. My Copenhagen date was via Tinder but this one wasn't ;)

  23. Sounds like a very busy but very fun week.



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