Tired but inspired (Berlin Day 2)

After the intense drinking night out with my friend D, I only managed to get up at about 11 am the next morning. We had arranged to meet for brunch and the first one to be up should contact the other via sms. Needless to say, D was awake before me! Still in a daze, we went to one of the first places that seemed decent: a Turkish kebab shop (I'm losing count of all the kebabs I've already had this year). On our way we walked past Christian Ulmen, a German actor. 

After brunch we went to Potsdamer Platz to have a look at the amazing Sony Center. 

Impressive moment: We went to Starbucks and in front of me was an elder American lady. When asked what her name was, she just said in a very cool and self-confident manner: 'MM'. Wow, I thought. I always have to spell 'A-N-O-U-K' or sometimes I even call myself 'Anna' but I had never thought of 'AK'... AK-47 that will be. 

I just have a weakness for wigs in shop windows. Can't walk by without taking a pic. 

I saw D off who had to catch his flight back to Luxembourg. In the evening I went for a walk around the centre. 

I passed Checkpoint Charlie and I walked down Strasse des 17. Juni. 

More pics to follow tomorrow. 



  1. Lol for the American woman at Starbucks! The kebab looks very appetizing, I havent one from ages! I never tried wigs you know, the purple/turquoise one is super cool! xo

  2. I love this wonderful city! Lovely photos

  3. all these photos look so amazing dear!

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  4. You know I admire your independence on traveling either with friends (planned) or on a whim, or even better, just by yourself. I have yet to step out of my "shell" and take a trip all by myself. I did something "drastic" last summer flying to Las Vegas alone to meet a friend I met via social network who I had been talking for 2 years but never met in person. She flew in all the way from Chile to attend a convention in Vegas and I just decided to use up my flight mileage point and went meet her :)

  5. I've heard that there are many kebab places in Berlin but when I was there I didn't manage to go and have one. Don't worry, I feel the same way with the gyro sandwiches when I'm in Greece :) The second picture reminded me that in Berlin everything is constantly being under construction. What a city! The Sony centre is impressive indeed! I had fun reading about the American lady, haha. I can't imagine going and saying only my initials, it would be absolutely unnatural :D The pictures with the red sky are stunning! Can't wait to read more about your stay there!

  6. Oh Americans, always being silly in other countries. I've never had anyone in America introduce themselves to me by only their initials, but America is a pretty big country so I guess there are a lot of different types of people here. The architecture is amazing and I've yet to have an "authentic kebab." I had them quite often in Tokyo, but I'm not sure how close it is to the real thing.

  7. Nice pics :)
    Berlin must also be an amazing city :)

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    Instagram // Faceboook

  8. Your pictures look amazing... I have been in stuttgart and munich but I've always wanted to see Berlin and didn't have the opportunity for now :)

  9. It must be so amazing to be able to travel so much! I would love to do that too. The wigs sure look like a lot of fun.

  10. so much good stuff!! :) visually, it looks like such an artsy city! :D

    Animated Confessions

  11. Maybe MM is a movie star? You probably didn't recognize her. :) This place is so modern and nice. It would be a nice place to hang out. Berlin looks so historical considering all the Wars they have to fight and overcome over there.

  12. Beautiful sunset shots and that kebab looks so good!


  13. Always enjoy reading your journeys!! Lovely pix!!
    xo, Jane

  14. Stunning shots especially of the sunsets. I think AK sounds cool!
    Hugs xoxo

  15. Amazing architecture!

  16. It's easy to digest good kebabs in the right places, lol. The photos are amazing, I love Berlin! :)

  17. Oh! This place is <3 How I wish I could spend my vacation in Berlin too.


  18. Ahhh...Brandenburg Gate at night. Gorgeous! Will definitely go back to Berlin. In answer to your question in your comment, the park is called Pinner Memorial Park. Pinner is in Northwest London area. It does remind me of Richmond. Pinner is one of those villages that remains quintessentially English and be half an hour away from Central London which is madness. Happy Easter :)

  19. One of my dream's is to visit Germany, I learned the language by myself (but my grammar is horrible), I know a lot of things about Germany (but I don't know Christian Ulmen :) ), and someday I want to stand in front of the Cologne Cathedral!
    Great pictures as always, I am curious about your next post!

  20. tes photos sont superbes comme d'hab !!
    j'adore !! cette ville est vraiment superbe !
    bisous bisous !!

  21. I love going to the SONY center :)



  22. Fabulous photos!!!!!

  23. Wow, that photo of the sunset is unbelievable, it should be on a postcard. Looks like a truly fascinating city!

  24. Nice photos, I tried wigs only on red with long hair, I want more. :)
    About women and not only Blog

  25. Gosh the sights of Berlin look amazing! The domed roof of the Sony Center is so cool.

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  26. What beautiful images! Loving the sunset :)
    xo TJ


  27. Hallo Anouka, your reportages are always so interesting!!! What wonderful pictures! See you soon.

  28. The Sony Center is very beautiful..I love your sunset shots too!

  29. Wow, your pics of the monuments at night are beyond pretty!

  30. Great photos of Berlin, the night shots are amazing! xoxo ES


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