Tea at The Ritz & Saint Patrick's Day / Weekend in London Part II

This is the second and final part of my weekend in London. On Sunday, I was very excited to try the Afternoon Tea at The Ritz. I had made this reservation months in advance and I was assigned a table from 11.30 am until 1 pm. 

I ordered the Champagne Afternoon Tea. The finger sandwiches were absolutely delicious. I didn't eat the ham and chicken ones though. 

The Palm Court is such a magnificent room. A harp player was performing modern and classic songs during the entire time that I was there. 

After the sandwiches I moved on to the scones. 

I only managed to eat one and a half as I was feeling full already by then. 

Once I was done with the champagne, I ordered my tea: chamomile. 

Embarrassing moment: When I chose the kind of Afternoon Tea I wanted, I actually asked for the Celebration Tea with Champagne. I thought that the celebration cake that came with it was a particular kind but I had no idea that it was a birthday cake. I was already a bit puzzled when the waiter told me that I would have had to order it 48 hours in advance, which I had not. He then reassured me that he would sort out a small piece for me. When it was time to serve the 'celebration cake', the harp player started playing Happy Birthday and some people applauded as I was served a birthday cake! The waiter gave me his best wishes and I felt terribly embarrassed when I realized my mistake. 

But I wasn't going to leave this delicious cake behind and so I ate it! Or rather whatever my stomach could still handle. 

After the cake these cuties were still waiting for me. 

These were the leftovers. As you can see, I couldn't eat it all, so I just had half of each. If I hadn't been flying home the same day, I would have asked for a doggy bag as some people did. 

I looked at the cake tray from far. I was entitled to have some, it was part of the package, but I just had to refuse. I felt nauseous. 

After the wonderful tea experience, I walked out of the hotel and saw the Saint Patrick's Day parade passing by. 

I headed to Victoria where I was meeting a friend from Luxembourg who is currently studying in the UK. We had a Guinness (my stomach could handle it) to celebrate St Paddy's and then walked to St James's Park to enjoy the gorgeous weather. 

I had such a great weekend and I would have loved to stay longer but my flight was leaving in the evening and so with a heavy heart I had to say bye to London. I shall be back in August. 

The Ritz
150 Piccadilly 
London W1J 9BR
United Kingdom



  1. Haha I laughed out loud when I read your Bd cake mistake!! It's not your fault though haha the name is misleading on it's own!
    Oh I miss a good old high tea! Sandwiches and scones are my most fav food as well as a good cup of tea :)

  2. Hi Anouka, you inspired me, now I want to have the same experience there! Im a foodie, I think I would have eaten everything with no leaving!:P You made me smile with the mistake of the bd cake, how embarassing! Guinness is my fav beer! Have a goodnight! xo

  3. Hi Anouka, I wish I could join you for Afternoon Tea at the Ritz. Looks so delicious. The birthday cake was worth it. Glad to know you enjoyed it.

  4. That looks amazing! I'm not a huge fan of sweets, so I'm not sure if I would have been able to eat as many cakes as you, though. But at least you got wished an early/belated birthday :D

  5. Good Morning! Your pictures are so beautiful as usual! Seems that it was a great day to you that day! First, the weather! You had a big luck with the weather! Second, the food and all those sweet things are not only delicious for sure, but also very photogenetic! :D And I see you really enjoy London, I guess it brings memories from your university years! That's cool!

  6. I wouldn't mind having birthday every day in this place!

  7. The palm room looks stunning, what a gorgeous environment. I'm a huge fan of afternoon tea, especially love the scones part of it!!!!
    I had to laugh about the birthday mistake, but oh well, it's still nice to be spoiled!!!
    Hugs xoxo

  8. You are so lucky to have a surprise birthday cake hahaha! I'm a big fan of chamomile tea. They are the best and calming tea I've ever had!

  9. The place look so cool and beautiful :D


  10. So glad to find your blog! Your pictures are absolutely stunning! And if I make it to London anytime soon (hopefully :)) then I will definitely put tea at the Ritz on the list of things to do - it sounds like fun. And I'm sure the highlight of what you'll remember will be the birthday cake - too funny! And it sounds like we need to skip lunch & maybe b'fast beforehand!
    xo ~kim & chloe

  11. What a fantastic day you had! And the weather was just glorious, too! x

  12. The Ritz looks absolutely gorgeous, classy and lovely to spend a good time at. And what can I say about those pastries? They look so appealing and yummy! And I laughed so much when I read your birthday cake incident, hahaha! But at least no one really knew who were you, right?
    Amazing pictures, as always! xx

  13. Wow Tea at the Ritz looks like an amazing experience and the food definitely looks like it's worth the money. Also it must be so fun to be part of a St. Patrick's Day parade!

  14. ohh I would love to have tea there too! thanks for the amazing pictures...you make me travel! :)

    bisous de Paris!

  15. Looks like beautiful High Tea, so cute about the mistaken birthday cake! And the St Pattys Day parade seem alike immense fun! Thanks for your kind and thoughtful visit! Happy Friday!

  16. That made me laugh, but at least you got that cute cake, birthday cake is good at any time :) The Ritz looks so decadent and grand! I'm glad the weather has been good for your trip!

  17. haha the birthday cake part must of have been so funny!
    The Ritz looks amazing and such a lovely place to spend time at! All the food there looks so delicious and made for royalty! I am a huge fan of sweets so If i was there, I'd probably eat everything in my sight!

  18. The Ritz is so gorgeous..I'd love to have afternoon tea there someday. Everything looks delicious. lol that's funny about the celebration cake..they should've mentioned it was for birthdays as celebration can mean anything!
    ah I miss London!!!

  19. hahaha, for the birthday cake it soooo could happen to me ! Everything looks yummy there !

  20. I am sure you were embarrassed at the restaurant, but as I red your post I laughed at your story, but it could happen to anybody. Beautiful places and pictures!
    Have a great weekend!

  21. What decadent tea experience at the Ritz! And at least you got to try the birthday cake...nobody has to know it's not actually your birthday!

  22. Ahh, yes, scones are my favourite! Lovely photos and hope you I wish you a great weekend.

  23. I would love to have afternoon tea at the Ritz. Looked really nice.=)

  24. Love all your beautiful pix!! Delicious and lovely!!!
    xo, Jane

  25. Ooh, I've always wanted to have tea at the Ritz as well! Thanks for sharing your experience with us!

  26. ohhh moi aussi je veux retourner à londrès faire les boutiques lol

  27. Oh dear, it's so cute that you ordered the birthday package by mistake ;) ha. I've not had finger sandwiches in years!

    I'm glad you got such a lovely weekend! It's been a little rainy this weekend so you picked well.

    Corinne x

  28. You are so lucky to visit a lot of marvelous places ! Great pictures ! :)

  29. I have always wanted to have tea at Ritz London, I have to do that next time I am there! What a funny story about the Birthday cake, well at least you have something to remember! :) xoxo ES

  30. such a funny story! there 's such a long time since I haven't visited London! I think I must organize a weekend trip!
    lovely pics!


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