My Valentine's dinner

I didn't really realize that Friday was Valentine's Day but somehow I ended up treating myself to a nice sushi dinner at Geisha Hi-Tech, a restaurant I discovered whilst walking through a shopping mall. If I remember correctly, I hadn't had any sushi since my trip to LA in November! 

They had a nice selection of dishes going around on the conveyor belt. 

Usually I'm very happy with basic salmon and tuna maki / nigiri. 

This dessert was so delicious that I had two of these. 

This mini tarte was quite sweet and runny. One helping was enough though. 

Randomly 'discovering' eateries is either a hit or a miss; in this case, it was definitely a hit. 

And this is what I looked like after my very unromantic confrontation and fight with a mugger. After dinner I walked back to my hotel through a tunnel between Botafogo and Copacabana. A guy was walking in the same direction in front of me. At some point he turned around and came towards me. He said something in Brazilian and I understood that he wanted something from me. 

I tried to stay calm but when he pulled out a small nail file, I realized that I was being mugged. It's one of those situations when all of a sudden everything happens quickly but you live it in slow motion. It's the fight or flight moment. And clearly, I am not a flight person, as I learned.

I was going to give him all my cash but each time I reached into my bag, he became very tense and aggressive as he was probably scared that I was going to pull out a weapon. Then he grabbed my arm (I cannot stand it when a stranger touches me) and I got really angry. He tried to reach into my bag (all he wanted was my phone), which I moved away from him, then he wanted to tear it off me but he couldn't since I was wearing it across my body. We were scuffling and I was screaming as if I was about to be butchered. 

At that point, a guy who was walking on the other side of the tunnel (we were separated by two car lanes), was shouting. It was enough for the mugger to let go and run away. You cannot believe how relieved I was. When I reached the end of the tunnel, my saviour caught up with me and I thanked him. He told me that a month ago he was in Paris and he got his wallet stolen. Isn't it ironic... don't you think? 

I went back to the hotel, straight to the bar as I needed a drink. A caipirinha, of course. And then I realized that I looked like a total mess: my face was dirty and so were my arms. I apologized to the barmen. One of them told me that in such a situation one has to give up everything and just run. He had once been attacked by ten guys. 

Lesson learned: avoid walking alone through tunnels, don't resist the mugger, never carry anything with you that you aren't prepared to lose. 

I was still upset wanted to go back to find the guy and kick his a.. but what good would have come out of this? I just let it be. 

Definitely a Valentine's Day with a special guy that got my heart beating faster. I will forever remember it. 

Geisha Hi-Tech
Casa & Gourmet Shopping
Rua General Severiano, 97 loja 125
Rio de Janeiro



  1. Oh wow that must have been pretty scary hun. Glad you are okay.

  2. Honestly everything was bad and terrible situation, I'm glad that in the end everything ended well.
    comment to me back to keep in touch!


  3. OMG! Im so relieved to hear that guy came in your help..how horrible and frightening must have been! I cant imagine how you felt, are you still terrified or shaken dear? Really really sorry for you, when I read it I felt worried and sad. Pay attention everytime you are and travel alone, dont walk in tunnels or streets alone :( Btw, the sushi looks good, I didnt eat it from ages too! Many hugs and have a goodnight xo (ps the new header is just so cute!)

  4. omg!!!! I am glad that you are okay.
    I had to read- read that paragraph when you talked about the mugger. That is just crazy!! I would have reacted the same way as you honestly. I'm not much of a flight person!
    Stay safe and the food you had that night looks so good!! =)


  5. Firstly, your sushi dinner with those desserts look delicious. Oh my, what a scarry incident. Good thing that man saved you, I agree, avoid tunnels and especially walking alone at night especially if you really don't know the place. At least you are safely back home now.

  6. That's crazy! I'm glad your safe now, ugh such a crazy world!

  7. So glad that you are safe!!


  8. OMG! I'm so glad you're ok, thank goodness someone was walking by at the time to help. Definitely avoid dark places at night, especially in a city like Brazil, where it's notorious for petty crime.
    Keep safe.
    Hugs xoxo

  9. I really like Japanese food, especially sushi!


  10. Now you have A story to tell) I'm glad you're ok)

  11. Looks you had a great valentine's night! I don;t like sushi so I can't say that;s looks delicious :P


  12. Oh, I am so glad you are ok... This is just horrible... Such a frightening experience. The meal looked good, though. At least something positive. :)

  13. very very nice my dear!! Lovely!!!


  14. I'm so glad the mugger ran away and you weren't hurt. That is some bruise. You sure have got fight, girl! I probably would've freaked out really bad if that happened to me.

  15. No?!!?!? I read on Instagram that your were mugged but I didn't expect to be so serious! Your arm looks like the a..hole has used the knife, are you ok? This is a sad story, I was about to comment that I haven't had sushi for ages... but after I read the story I feel bad for you. Awful... Hope you have much more nice memories from Rio and to forget about this accident!

  16. Oh dear, the bruises look cruel. I'm really glad you got through it and nothing untoward happened. Never walk alone again in tunnels..in Rio!

  17. Oh my goodness, I am glad that you are alright dear. That happened to me several years ago and I fought them off. The meal, otherwise looks very good. :)

  18. Incredible and sigh I am glad you are ok...

  19. omg i was thinking that your pics was very good and now i feel myself so bad of what happened to you!
    so cool that ur ok!!


  20. Glad you're ok, this sound pretty awful :S
    This dessert looks delicious!

  21. Oh my... What a horrible encounter! I'm so glad everything turned out well! If I had experienced this I would probably be too scared to go on holiday alone ever again :/

  22. Your Valentine's meal looked delicious but what a horrible end to the evening. I'm glad to hear that someone walked by and helped you. What a frightening experience for you but I hope it hasn't spoilt your holiday.

  23. Oh that's scary. I'm glad it didn't get worse.

  24. Oh, this looks suuuper delciious :)

    Svetlana from Lavender Star // BlogLovin //
    Instagram // Faceboook

  25. That is so scary..thankfully you got away safely!! I need to be more alert now too when travelling alone. Hope your arm heals soon.

  26. wha !! incroyable !!
    que tu aille bien est l'essentiel !!
    ton dîner à l'air super bon sinon !!
    bisous bisous !!

  27. Oh my goodness, that is a horrible experience to go through! All you can do is fight for your life or run. It's so important as a woman to learn some self defense because we are more likely to be targeted for many things, and not every situation will there be a prince to save the damsel. Hope your arm feels better quick and I'm so happy you are okay. xx

  28. OMG I had no idea. That's quite a bruise you have there. Glad to hear it ended well.

  29. I hope you really are okay now. My brother has been through this situation a couple of times and some of my friends as well. Luckily, I had never experimented this before. I always carry something with me like a mini knife or scissors to avoid this kind of situations (it's legal, actually.) You made good about the shouting, but again, hope you're doing fine now and if not, get better soon! :( xx

  30. What the heck!! GOOD TO KNOW YOU ARE OKAY!!


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