Weekend in Milan Part 2

On Saturday it had been impossible to get a table at Signorvino, but G and I were lucky the next day. 

G insisted that I drink a glass of Gewürztraminer from Bolzano. I try to refrain from drinking alcohol at lunch because it makes me want to have a siesta after but she made it sound as if I was going to miss out on something and I gave in. The wine was sweet and very pleasant to drink. 

One of the few non-meat dishes was spaghetti with mozzarella. Very simple but such a delight!

To be honest, for once I didn't feel guilty about ordering tiramisu. 

Can you see the sea of people out in the streets? Milan gets really busy on weekends, and especially before Christmas. 

We escaped the masses by taking a side street and heading to Brera. 

We almost walked past this ice cream shop and when we went in, I was determined not to have another dessert. But after hearing G's praises and being given a taste sample by the young and handsome server, I surrendered and picked two flavours: 

Fior di panna and cremino Ludovico. 

It was getting dark when we walked towards Garibaldi, where we explored the shops and the Christmas market around the newly constructed Piazza Gae Aulenti. 

I last saw such a massive pan of tartiflette at the Christmas market in Paris last year. 

Before leaving for my late evening flight, we had an aperitivo with R, a male friend (I knew him when he lived in Luxembourg), at Noon next to Cadorna station. 

R bought me a Spritz, a typical aperitivo cocktail. And then it was soon time to hop on the Malpensa Express and fly back home to Luxembourg. 

Piazza del Duomo 1
20123 Milan

Sorbetteria Castiglione
Via Madonnina 17
20121 Milan

Noon Milano
Via Giovanni Boccaccio 4
20123 Milan



  1. Great photos as always! I guess you can never resist having a glass or two of wine in Milan during lunch time! Glad you enjoyed yourself xoxo ES

  2. Fab photos dear, you made me miss Milan. Lol, the cremino you had is called as me (though the male version). I am glad you had a lovely time there, hope to catch up with you next time you visit Italy, or me the beautiful Luxembourg. Happy weekend! xo

  3. Amazing tips and pics of a week end in Milan. I was born there, but I know live in Rome it's incredible how many things to see and do are there.
    Loved the way you portraited the city.

  4. I love that you make me travel with you!
    How I miss Milan and never be guilty to order a tiramisu.

  5. wha !! wha ! wha !! wha!!
    je ne me lasserais jamais de regarder tes sublimes photos ,tu me rends vraiment jalouse là !! hihi !!
    bisous bisous !!

  6. Gosh, so many people on the streets! Even more than in summer when I was there xD

  7. It must be unforgettable day. I envy you little bit, I´ve never been there ;) Amazing photos


  8. You made me hungry with your post. Love those pastas, gelatos and white wine. Yummy! I want to go back to Milan now.

  9. Today is the first time I read your blog during the day (I normally read it at night and I blame you for my late night food craving haha). I NEVER say no to dessert especially something as good as tiramisu!!

  10. Oooh I really want to visit Milan after seeing these photos! That Tiramisu looked divine!
    Happy Sunday Anouka xoxo

  11. I would love to go to Milan, the food must be so nice!

  12. OMG! Milan is heaven! Now i wanna go visit,I am loving the goodies.Food so yummy!!! Street so lively,wine so delicious. Take me there now.
    So luck to ready your comments on my blog,few seconds they disappeared lol,Google+comments is crazy. I think next time you commenting simple add @kimbim them followed my comment,If you have added me to your Google+ then i think with that your comments wouldn't disappear. Everyone with the Google+ comments seems to be going through the same phase huh?!
    Have a perfect Sunday Evening.Kisses...

  13. Milan looks beautiful and the food and drink delicious xxx

    I left my heart in Miami

  14. Milan has such a special spirit and thank God I can feel it again looking at your photos. The streets, the food, everything is so so typical.

  15. Woow, these photos are so beautiful and I looove tiramisu!
    Have a great Monday :)

  16. Im alll about desserts anda that tiramisu seems waaaaaaaay too yummy.

  17. Milan this time of year looks magical! And the food, mmm that Tiramisu!


  18. seems like a great weekend! Milan looks so magical around Christmas..I hope to go there someday

  19. Your pictures are so beautiful and delicious, Milan is a marvelous city :)


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