Last weekend of 2013

After two days off for Christmas, I went back to work (I never write about it but yes, I have a job) on Friday. We went for an after work drink (yes, the resolution was one drink only) to Pygmalion and before I knew it I had downed three glasses of rosé on an empty stomach.

We had more drinks at Rock Box but luckily my inner voice told me to switch to soft drinks. I then went to Urban to pick up C. who I had last seen in London at the beginning of the month.

We went to the reopened Saumur Crystal Club, one of the few restaurants where you can order dinner until the early morning. It was midnight by the time we got there. 

There is a strip club in the basement but we just stayed upstairs where I had penne all'arrabbiata. 

I think that we were the only female customers there... (guys not pictured). 

The next day I had an appointment at the hairdresser's to get more highlights done. I then stopped by at my sister's where I was greeted by Tommy, her cat. Many years ago, he used to be a stray cat before she adopted him. Initially I wanted to take him but after just one day, I realized that I could not meet the responsibility of keeping an animal. 

When I got home, I found the Christmas gift that I bought for myself this year: a Smythson 2014 diary. 

I got it personalised with my initials. Please don't ask how much one letter cost... Anyway, I hope that next year will be as bright as its pink leather cover. 

So, I've gone off the iCal (digital calendar) again because it seems that I cannot give up on pen and paper. 

On Sunday I had my friend K over for lunch. I made tartiflette for the first time this winter. 

You can find my recipe here

For dessert we had this small calendar ('1' for the New Year) mocha cakes. 

I got Jeff de Bruges chocolates as a gift. Can you see the cute dog shaped ones? 

After lunch we watched two episodes of Luther, and the latest episode of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Now I'm looking forward to next week. I can't wait for 2013 to finally be over...

Saumur Crystal Club
13, Rue Dicks
L-1417 Luxembourg



  1. What a lovely gift to yourself - no excuses for being unorganised!!!!
    Happy Monday Anouka xoxo

  2. Those chocolates look good and cute! I like how you like writing things down in your personalised planner. Sometimes old fashion is much preferred and you chose my favourite colour pink :)

  3. OMG the food looks great! I'm glad you have been spoiled too !

  4. Your tartiflette recipe is a success! Everyone likes it) Amazing sweets and stylish diary! And arrabbiata is definitely better than any strip show:))

  5. Now I know something new for you - that you have a job! I won't ask what is it, it doesn't really matter. Seems that the last weekend was interesting for you. Tommy is a big cutie! I used to have a cat a few years ago but I realised that it is not for me too! I like the diary and the tartiflette looks delicious!

  6. It seems you really had a lovely weekend dear. Penne all'arrabbiata are ones of my fav and you just made me think I havent them from ages. Your sis cat is sooo cute!:) I remember your tartiflette recipe, you know first time I ate it in Paris I thought of you!:) The choccies are soo good! Enjoy your last days of 2013 dear! xo

  7. Your cat is sooo cute!!! Lovely pics! Have a wonderful NYE darling!!!

  8. Sounds and looks like an interessting and yummy weekend! I hope you´ll have a fun NYE tomorrow :)

  9. Beautiful diary and yummy chocolate!
    Happy New year dear!

  10. Your tartiflette look delicious. I'm like you, I use a diary/calendar too rather using an e-diary. Your Smythson diary is gorgeous. I like the simplicity with your initials. Enjoy the chocolates.

  11. All these food images are producing an effect on me, I'm hungry!!
    Have a Happy New Year Anouka!

  12. Schicker Blog. ;)

    Grüße Eric

  13. The food looks delicious and I love your personnal diary. The cat is so cute too :)


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