Friday night out before Christmas

Friday was a very good day: I had lunch with a very lovely person, got the green light for a major investment and at last life just seemed rosy again! The perfect occasion to celebrate with a night out in Luxembourg City... 

My resolution was to keep my drinking under control... but I treated myself to a sparkling wine / martini aperitif cocktail at Basta Cosi

F and I had penne all'arrabbiata for dinner and updated each other with our latest news. She gave me some tips for my upcoming trip to Vienna in January, which I am looking forward to! 

After dinner we went for a walk around the city centre. F had spotted these Wolford tights with Swarovski crystals. Pretty amazing to look at but clumsy me would probably break them at first wear. 

We looked at the cute keyrings at Sonia Rykiel. 

This lingerie shop would win the prize for the strangest Christmas decoration. Du jamais vu. 

We were looking for a place to have drinks and we ran into an English-speaking-with-a-French-accent guy who told us that Luxembourg was sh*t and that he was only here for the money. When he was gone, we just told ourselves that he should eff off. 

We continued our walk and agreed that Luxembourg City is so beautiful and that we are very lucky to live such a privileged life. 

We ended up at White House with the wannabe posh crowd. It was unexpectedly entertaining - the following is based on the stories we made up about the people we observed: a group of hot East European ladies sipping champagne, the businessman with a young exotic escort, two twenty-something couples who looked high (not only on drinks) and couldn't stop dancing, a dancing middle-aged lady who seemed to have been inspired by like Britney / Lady Gaga choreographies, her partner dressed in white (like a painter) was shaking his hips like a young John Travolta, a "student" with a messenger bag who kept contorting his neck to look at us... 
When we were leaving, I met a guy who I had once wished out of my life several years ago. A typical Luxembourg night out, except that I had managed to limit my drinking to only that one cocktail and three glasses of rosé. 


  1. ...so beautiful colours...lovely photos!

  2. Seems you had an amazing night, your city is really beautiful and I'd love to visit soon. Those tights are to die for! But I would break them too!:) Kisses dear, happy Sunday! xo

  3. Very amusing description of your night out and the people you met! Sometimes it's hard to keep the drinking under control lol Have a great Sunday night xoxo ES

  4. You absolutely had a blast and glasses of rosé sounds good!

  5. Your friend´s tights are so amazing! I have the cheap version from Primark and can´t wait to wear them on NYE :D

  6. seems like an interesting night! :D great post!! so festive already!

    Animated Confessions

  7. Perfect holiday nights!

  8. So in love with the crystal embellished tights!
    Happy Monday Anouka xoxo

  9. Those tights are very pretty and impractical at the same time. I guess they're more for wearing then just sitting around with your best shoes just for showing off. It's Christmas so we're afforded the luxury of being glittery :) Have fun in Vienna! Was there in May this year and had such a lovely time. Happy Christmas Anouka! :)

  10. Haha the story at the end could kill me! You have such an imagination! And Luxembourg City is so beautiful indeed, I'd love to visit it one day. I'm petty sure you're excited about your trip to Vienna. Make sure you go to Bratislava for a day (if you manage, of course).

  11. Magical pictures sweetie :)

  12. seems like a fun night! Luxembourg seems like a great place to live.

  13. I really like watching empty streets in foreign countries. :p


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