Christmas Day 2013

This year's celebration was as it should be: with my family, harmonious and joyful. 

(Please ignore the unironed tablecloth)

All but me are meat lovers. My family normally eats fondue once a year; either for Christmas or New Year's. 

I was given the heart shaped potato to help me find love in 2014. 

As I don't eat meat, my dad made me these garlic fried prawns.  

The number of gifts was smaller this year. I had agreed with my sister and her fiancé that exceptionally we wouldn't buy each other anything this year. The three of us have our birthdays in November and December, so our last gifting hadn't been too long ago. Funnily, after our agreement we kept on checking on each other via SMS to really ensure that we would all stick to it.

My sister received cash and this Swarovski ring from my parents. 

I got cash, loose powder by Lancôme and a Sephora brush. 

My parents were given tickets to a concert in Trier and a night at a hotel where they can stay after. 

After a two hour siesta, it was already 5 pm. I had this delicious home-made chocolate truffle...

... and believe it or not, three slices of this incredibly tasty chocolate mousse cake. 

Christmas isn't about the gifts - what matters most is that you spend it with people that you care about and are grateful for everything you already got. 



  1. Yes it is the time of the year to be spent with your loved ones! I love your agreement on not exchanging gifts! Happy Holidays xoxo ES

  2. Looks like you had an amazing day, and you got such cool presents too! Lovely, thanks for sharing :)

  3. That is so true and I agree with you. Im glad you had a lovely time, seem a warm, cosy and beautiful atmosphere. The heart shape potato is so sweet and I wish you will find a true love in 2014. Mmm the mousse chocolate is appetizing, Id probably eat it whole!:) Kisses Anouka, Happy Boxing Day! xo

  4. Wonderful rings, my dear!

    Btw happy holidays!

  5. Looks like you had a really lovely Christmas. I didn´t have fondue in ages!

  6. love all the decors, wish I had that chance to do it in our home :)

    Happy holiday! cheers to 2014

    Senyorita Lakwachera

  7. Looks like a lovely and warm Christmas for you and your family! How cute is that heart-shaped potato lol It made me laugh! I wish you all the joy and health in the upcoming 2014. And definitely you deserve to find love. You deserve a fine man who treats you well with all the loving and care he can give you! Best wishes to you my friend <3

  8. Merry Christmas! Looks like you had wonderful time with your family. Hope you find love in 2014! The sentence this post ends with is wise and I strongly agree!

  9. So true. We spent our Christmas with family too. Your gifts are so nice. The chocolate mousse looks so delicious. Enjoy the rest of the Christmas Holiday.

  10. Seems like you had a great Christmas! :) The heart-shaped potato is cute..hope you will find love this year!!

  11. Wonderful pictures! Merry Christmas to you too!!!!

  12. Lovely photos.=) I've actually never tried fondue before but I've planned to do it tonight.

  13. Lovely inspiration!!!! Nice post :) I wish you amazing holidays. Hope enjoy these days!

  14. Marvelous moments ! First Christmas tree is adorable :)


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