Santa Barbara and back to LA (California Day 7 and 8)

In the end I didn't do much in Santa Barbara. I had an itch to return to LA, the place where it's at. Before setting off, I went for a walk to take a few photos and somehow ended up on a college campus. 

On my way to LA. My first stop was Little Tokyo, an area full of Japanese restaurants and shops. My plan was to have sushi for lunch. 

I had salmon maki and tempura at Sushi Go 55. The staff thought that they had been slow in serving me and offered me an ice cream on the house. I chose a red bean flavour, which tasted actually quite good. 

I did a bit of beauty shopping too; I got some Japanese facial masks. I will show them in my upcoming Take five posts. 

Next stop was The Grove, another magnificent outdoor shopping mall (others being The Place in Santa Monica and Westfield at Century City). Farmers Market is right next to it and has awesome food stands.

As you can see, Christmas fever has already taken over.

Now to my hotel. I am staying at the Avalon Hotel (check out the link for stunning photos) for three nights. It's so beautiful and nicely decorated. If I were to re-decorate my place at home, I would choose this style. 

On Saturday I headed out to Santa Monica. I had an SLR-free day and all photos were taken with my iPhone (in case you wonder about the low quality).

Santa Monica was quite busy. I just bought a dress at H&M because I figured that I wouldn't have enough clean clothes until my departure day. 

I had never visited The Getty Villa before and luckily I looked it up before heading there. I was able to get a timed ticket for 17.30 on the same day. 

Unfortunately, it was already dark by the time I got there. 

The Cyrus Cylinder (nothing to do with Miley) was one of the exhibited highlights.

After my visit to the museum, I briefly went to the Beverly Center but they were about to close and I had to leave for dinner anyway. 

I had read some positive reviews about Il Cielo in Beverly Hills, not far from my hotel, and I had managed to get a reservation. 

I spotted some very interesting looking people. In LA it's true that you can never be too rich or too thin (quote by Wallis Simpson). I would add or too made up.

The food: I started off with smoked salmon and had spaghetti latini as a main course. 

I treated myself to a tiramisu for dessert. It was nice but I can modestly say that mine tastes much better, ha. 

While the food was good overall, the service was quite lame. From the start I had to tell the waiter what to do: bring me the menu (yes, I'm here to order and eat), remember my gin and tonic, may I have some cheese for the spaghetti? may I order dessert?. Quite exhausting. But they played one of my favourite tracks by Nightmares On Wax, Les Nuits, so they are forgiven. 

Sushi Go 55
333 S Alameda #317
Los Angeles, CA 90013

Avalon Hotel
9400 West Olympic Boulevard
Beverly Hills, CA 90212
United States of America 

Getty Villa
17985 E Pacific Coast Highway
Pacific Palisades, CA 90272
United States of America

Il Cielo
9019 Burton Way
Los Angeles, CA 90211
United States of America

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  1. The Getty Villa looks amazing!
    Happy Monday Anouka xoxo

  2. What a life! I'd love to discover these places!!!

  3. I like the style of your room in the Avalon Hotel too - neutral and restful! Some delicious looking food here - especially the tempura but disappointing service in the last restaurant! You're certainly packing a lot into your trip!

  4. The Getty Villa is outstanding, would love to visit it too. I like all the Christmas decorations, the mood is so amazing!:) Sorry for the last restaurant, sounds pretty frustrating!:) Kisses! xo

  5. what a beautiful place <3

  6. Cool! I've missed all your posts from the USA but it is time to change that! :)

  7. It must be amazing to drive on the roads next to the ocean. How beautiful!

    I left my heart in Miami

  8. All these places look really nice..I love those Christmas decorations! & the hotel is beautiful

  9. What a lovely trip, Your pictures are so cool and interesting. Can't wait to see the Japanese mask.
    Have a lovely evening.

  10. So beautiful :)


  11. Looks like you had yourself a wonderful trip! And all of the food looks delicious.

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  12. Looks like you are enjoying your trip! and your hotel looks really nice!

  13. When I see your pictures, it is a real travel for me. Thank you to share them with us. It is beautiful :)

  14. Awww, beautiful Cali :)


  15. Everything looks so pretty and I love looking at your pictures! The first pic that caught my eye was your hotel room! That room is so pretty and looks so high end!!Then I noticed the pool! That pool looks amazing and I would love to be there to swim in it.
    And the christmas decorations are the best thing ever!! I can't believe it is almost December!


  16. Can I dive into that pool?

  17. I am glad to hear food was overall great. I haven't been satisfied with services in general overall in LA, practically anywhere there. The only reason I go there is for my man'a family and maybe the sunshine but nothing else lol

  18. Wow, you visited a lot of places in a few days. It was nice to see the Getty Villa in Malibu at night. It looked so romantic. My favourite Mall in L.A. is the The Grove. It is one of the best shopping places there. I remember we ate at the Cheesecake Factory. In Santa Barbara, we just stopped there to visit the Missions there. Looking forward to your other adventures there in California.

  19. so luxurious!! i miss LA. went there last summer and saw santa monica and the grove just like you! your hotel looks so fabulous! :) and all that food is making me super hungry, haha!

    Animated Confessions

  20. I'm loving these posts! How funny that the sushi place had much better service than the fancy restaurant but still, it sounds like an amazing experience!

  21. Looks lovely. That shot of the lanterns in Little Tokyo is gorgeous

  22. You have showed me a complete new side to Cali that I had no idea about! The state should grant you some sort of commission for being such a great tour guide. How amazing is that pool, wow! The food does look good in the pics. Thanks for your kind visit sweety!

  23. Such a gorgeous pics! i hope you enjoyed!!!

  24. Beautiful photos. That pool looks amazing.=)

  25. Great, I guess you really enjoyed your trip!

  26. Such a nice review and love reading thorough where you've been to! Looks like you had a nice time (except for a service at the restaurant..) and I'd love to visit some of the places I've never tried. Great post! xo akiko
    Style Imported

  27. Wow, how on earth do you always find these gooorgeous hotels?! :D

  28. I love your photos, makes me want to be there too! It's a pity when service is lame, like hello when will you discover what good customer service means! xoxo ES

  29. It seems like you had a fantastic time in LA! I'm looking forward to my trip there after Christmas!
    I haven't been to the Getty Museum during the night but I actually find it quite fascinating as you must have a spectacular night view of LA from up there!



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