Life lately - random and rushed

Since I got back from Cali, life has been so busy. And traffic has been very slow. It snowed last week and people are more cautious on the roads. I'm glad that I got my winter tyres on on time. 

Last Friday I went for dinner to Dal Notaro with my friend F. I had these scampi which weren't peeled at first, even though the waiter had promised me that they would be. I just couldn't look at them, let alone touch, and sent them back to the kitchen to get the shells removed. 

I didn't drink much when I was in California since I was driving all the time and I didn't want to get caught for DUI and have my mugshot published for the world to see and/or end up in jail. But when I was back in Luxembourg, I felt like I had to catch up on partying. Let's just say, I should have stopped after two gin & tonics. 

After the (un)peeled scampi dinner, we spent most of the evening at Rock Box and IKKI. 

On Monday, I caught up with a friend who had not contacted me for about three years. We used to sit next to each other during our two last years at secondary school and have shared many laughs and funny situations together. It was nice to see him again and I really hope that we won't lose touch for that long again. We went for Italian dinner at Onesto (no time to take photos) and just before that I walked around the Christmas market in Luxembourg City. 

Two days ago, I had dinner with my friend K who is soon off to India. She gave me some nice birthday presents and we had a fun evening. 

We went to Le Bistrot and we both had the delicious ravioli. These photos were taken with my new mirrorless Sony camera. I wanted the Canon EOS M but I was told that it's no longer being made. Thus the Sony. 

As you can see I still need to learn how to properly focus... This dame blanche wasn't necessary but tasted so good though! 

Louis Vuitton sent me their catalogue. Just in time before Christmas! I doubt that I will get anything from them though. There is currently nothing that I'm lusting after. Honest. 

Yesterday evening I attended an Air France cocktail reception at the Top Floor of the Sofitel Le Grand Ducal. I managed to snap a blurry shot of the city. 

The goal of this event was to meet Air France representatives and provide them with feedback. I had a couple of points that I could have raised but I got distracted by the drinks and the amazing finger food. I would also have taken some more photos but I was too busy socializing and eating. 

I finally finished my Reese's that I bought at a supermarket in Beverly Hills. It took me more than a week though!

Life is going to continue to be busy: tonight I'm going to watch Hunger Games 2, it's International Bazaar weekend, Monday afternoon I'm flying to London, back on Tuesday morning, then weekend in Milan, and then I just want one weekend off where I don't leave the house and I don't dress up for a change...



  1. I have the LV catalogue too & have my eye on a few bits. That Ravioli looked super yummy!
    Happy Friday Anouka xoxo

  2. I still have not watched Hunger Games 2 but I am already planning on going week though!
    It's nice to catch up with someone especially an old friend! I still remember when I first met up with a friend of my from primary school, I didn't know where to begin lol

  3. Wow, busy indeed! Despite that you are such a lucky for going to London and Milan soon! The Air France event seems to have been interesting. Also, congrats on your new mirrorless, I have no doubts you'll get easily used to it and make great photos! I am not happy of the cold weather too, but those Christmas Markets and the whole Christmas spirit is somehow inspiring. Honestly, I can't wait for this time to come. Also, it's great that you met up with an old friend. I need to call my classmates too and see them. And finally - cheers! :)

  4. Seems you are having a really hectic time but its better so! Christmas market in your city must be beautifu, would love to visit it. The new camera is great Anouka, need to search it on web since I like the photos. What a shame you fly to Milan and not more near, would have loved to meet you!:) Kisses dear! xo

  5. You have really been having fun!
    It was snowing no stop here last week and still is.

  6. Perfect! Am sure you had a great time with your old time friend.Beautiful pictures...

  7. Lovely pics, I could totally eat these ravioli right now :D

  8. You are having a busy time! The ravioli looks delicious and it's just the kind of dish I would order. It's always good to meet old friends especially at this time of the year too. I'm having a couple of days in London before Christmas - I like to see all the decorations and shop window dispalys (and shop of course!)

  9. Hi Anouka, such an eventful week! The snow looks amazing, it must be freezing! Im sure it was lovely meeting your friend and hanging out after so long. The partying sounds fun!...Have a warm and splendid weekend!

  10. What a week! Must have been nice to catch up with someone you hadn't seen in a while. I have a few friends who i should probably contact now hehehe!


  11. What a fun and busy week. Enjoy every moment.

  12. Looks like you are settling well back into your routine after Cali! I'm so sad my Dad is visiting Cali in a few weeks, even if for a few days. I would love some warmth and being in my favorite place.

    Oh Milan. Oh London! I can't wait for photos xx

  13. Sounds like a lot of fun! I saw the recent Hunger Games movie and it was amazing, you will love it! That shot of the city is pretty! The food looks delicious also!


  14. I would love a Louis Vuitton trunk! Maybe one day. All the food looks delicious! x

    I left my heart in Miami

  15. Oh that ravioli looks amazing!

  16. And now I want to eat ravioli ^^


  17. Looks like you've been having an eventful week! Your "unpeeled scampi" reminded me of the time we were at Kong when you asked about the shells lol.
    Jealous of all the travelling you're doing (again) soon!!

    1. Ha, I had forgotten that I had asked the same question but now I kind of remember :)

  18. Oh, damn. Too many places to go! I love it. :P P.S. you are making me drool over Reese's chocolates.

  19. Amazing photos ! You are so lucky to travel a lot ! :)

  20. Nice pictures! Now that I've seen your pictures I'm hungry xD


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