31 October

Last night was a full of weirdness. It started off with drinks with F at the White House, where I hadn't been for a long time. We then went for dinner at Mousel's Cantine in Clausen, a restaurant that mainly serves Luxembourgish food. 

On my way there, whilst queueing for the car park, the car in front of me suddenly reversed and was coming right at me. I kept honking but it didn't stop. There was a mild clash and instead of stopping and getting out of the car, the driver turned left into a side street and stopped. I put on my four indicators and got out of my car. How did they dare? The car party casually stepped out of their vehicle and walked over to me. We inspected my car and there was no bump or scratch. So we left it at that. 

After this gentle shock, I needed a gin and tonic. But after two drinks on an empty stomach, I also needed something to eat. I had a prawn salad with chips. 

After dinner we walked through the Rives de Clausen. There were lots of Halloween parties going on, many people were wearing costumes and we felt a bit out of place not being in disguise. We headed to IKKI, where we usually hang out. 

There was a live band with a singer that couldn't sing. It was actually quite entertaining to listen to him massacre great songs by The Rolling Stones, Blur, Franz Ferdinand, U2, Daft Punk and so on. He had difficulties hitting the high notes - I didn't know whether I should laugh or cry. At the end he was singing Happy Birthday for someone and he even didn't get that one right. Anyway... 

People watching was quite interesting. There was one elderly woman who was a female Michael Jackson dance impersonator. She was wearing a red hat and shiny MJ style gloves. Her dancing was of course attracting everyone's attention. I don't know if she was hired to perform or if she was a customer... All in all it looked strange. I kind of regret not having captured her on video to share with you and find out your opinion. 

We stayed there until about midnight and wanted to go to Le Sud for a final drink. When we stepped outside, there were tons of people and it was difficult to move. At some point a fight broke out and I got beer spilled over my tights. My friend even got some trickling down her boots. 

Eventually we made it to Le Sud but there was no point in having a drink as they were going to close after 20 minutes. We just called it a night then. A night of weirdness. 

Mousel's Cantine
46, Montée de Clausen
L-1343 Luxembourg



  1. This place is so pretty!

  2. Hi Anouka! Seems you had a weird night indeed!:) So sorry for the incident, hopefully you didnt hurt. I would have been curious to see that women dancing! Have a nice day, kisses! xo

  3. Such a strange night but a relief to hear nobody was hurt when your car was bumped, and that the car also got away unscathed xo

  4. I'm so glad you are alright! A weird night indeed but at least everyone is safe and sound and you got to enjoyed some good food with company ❤️

  5. A very strange and interesting Halloween night indeed, glad to hear that the accident wasn't major with your car and no one was hurt. I think it would have have been hard not to giggle at the singer that couldn't sing. I didn't know thy celebrated the holiday in LX too. Happy Friday Doll!

  6. Glad it wasn't a big deal and no one was hurt! The food looks delicious!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  7. Hah, definitely an unusual night. I had so much fun reading this (sorry, I know you didn't when you wrote it). Wish you a great Friday night instead!

  8. Indeed a weird night, that incident with the car "crash" sounds so strange! I hope you had a little fun anyway ;)

  9. Happy you are good after that!

  10. Can imagine all the tension you went through at the beginning but at least you had a blast from the tonic drinks to partying. I can tell from gazing at the awesome pictures. Am so jealous lol. I stayed home all day with my family :( The kids held me down.
    Have a very sweet weekend babes.

  11. Wow! What an eventful night. So glad your car survived the bump & you weren't hurt. The singers sound so entertaining in a bad way!!!!
    Happy a fabulous weekend Anouka xoxo

  12. No wonder you needed a gin and tonic after the car incident - very frightening. Your prawn salad looks delicious. I hope you have a lovely weekend without any strange happenings!

  13. I hope you're ok now ! I love your shrimp salad :)

  14. Truly enjoyed your post. Thanks for sharing.

    Hope you find a minute to check out my newest post as well <3

  15. Have a fabulous weekend sweety!

  16. sounds like a pretty eventful night! I didn't celebrate Halloween this year at all.
    glad you & your car are ok from the accident!

  17. Those images look so good,
    proof of a great night well spent.

  18. A weird and eventful night! Your prawn salad and chips looks yummy. Have a good weekend!

  19. it looks like a fun night, the place and food is so amazing...

    It’s a GIRL Thing

  20. hmm interesting night indeed.. thanks for sharing the photos.. ;)

    Animated Confessions

  21. Those prawns and chips look delicious, I feel like some...off to make dinner!

    I left my heart in Miami

  22. Oh my what an experience Anouka. Thank God you and your car is alright. Nonetheless the food and place look absolutely lovely. Happy Halloween dear

  23. The shrimp salad looks delicious! xoxo ES


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