Dinner at Le Sud (Luxembourg)

I have been to rooftop bar of Le Sud on many occasions but I had never had the opportunity to eat dinner at the restaurant. Last Friday I finally had the chance to spend a lovely evening with two close friends at this magnificent place.

The amuse-bouche consisted of truffles on toast...

... followed by a foamy soup. 

I ordered risotto as a starter. 

The turbot was my choice for the main course. 

If I remember correctly, we didn't order any dessert but we were, nevertheless, offered delicious macarons, a sorbet... 

... and we got to choose between a meringue and a marshmallow. The waitress told us that in French haute-cuisine speak we must use the word 'guimauve' as the English word 'marshmallow' is not appropriate. 

Our neighbouring table got to get a taste from the beautiful cheese tray. 

The dinner was excellent and so was the service. This restaurant used to have a Michelin star but sadly lost it a couple of years ago.

Le Sud
8, Rives de Clausen
L-2165 Luxembourg



  1. I also wanted to comment on how beautiful the glass and china are!

  2. Foamy soup? That would be interesting to see. The place looks elegant and cosy.

  3. Love the setting of the restaurant & the food looks delicious!
    Happy Friday Anouka xoxo

  4. Such a fancy place! I'm particularly drawn to the lighting and tableware. Love the porcelain. Of course, the French would recoil at the word marshmallow. Haha. Have a good weekend :)

  5. That looks beyond amazing - the risotto looks to die for (are those truffles?!) and the macarons...heavenly!

  6. Hi Anouka, it looks like a magnificent place indeed. All the food are appetizing and inspires me. I didnt know the word guimauve, I need to remember it too!:) Have a lovely day dear, kisses! xo

  7. It looks beautiful there and the food seems to be delicious!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  8. Food looks really delicious!

  9. this place looks superb!

  10. What a chic and stunning looking restaurant! The food looks soo delicious.. I feel hungry now!
    What a wonderful time you had ♥

    ♥, www.Styleat30.com
    Fashion | Food | Travel

  11. The place looks amazing
    and so are those foods.
    Love the chandelier
    gives so much character to the place.


  12. Such an elegant location! If everything goes well I´ll be spending a lot more time in Luxembourg city and the south of our country so I´ll finally be able to try out all the locations you´ve been recommending :)

  13. Wonderful place ! It looks delicious :)

  14. the interiors look beautiful!! & so does the food


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