Hamburg Part II

I was told not to miss the Sunday Fischmarkt, take a harbour cruise, check out restaurants in the Portugiesenviertel (I opted for Restaurante Porto at Ditmar-Koel-Strasse 15), and visit the Reeperbahn. Hamburg is also one of the few German cities that show musicals. I had a ticket for The Lion King - it was such an amazing performance with colourful costumes, amazing stage transformations, and top singers and dancers. Maybe you have already seen it? 

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  1. Amazing photos as always! Haven't been to Hamburg. The Lion King I am planning to watch it in New York in October. Did you see any musicals when you were there? xoxo ES

    1. I did! http://www.luxessed.com/2013/08/music-to-my-ears-ny-iv.html

  2. I've never thought Hamburg is such an industrial and well-organized city. Seems interesting to me. I haven't seen The Lion King but I'd love to.

  3. What an amazing place, I wish I had more opportunities to travel, though I cannot complain about frequency of my travels :P

  4. Great photos! Would love to see the Lion King.
    Happy Friday Anouka xoxo

  5. You must be one of the most well travelled ladies on the planet! xo

  6. Unfortunately nope, though I would like!:) Btw, you made me want to travel over there, your camera really caught the beauty of this city! Congrats dear! Happy Friday and weekend! xo

  7. Very organised architecture!!!
    I love all the pictures!!!

  8. i love hamburg such a quaint and beautiful city! you really captured it in your photos!! that salmon sandwich is making my mouth water hehe!!

  9. Looking at Part 1 and this post I can see that Hamburg has a lot to offer. As you say, the architecture is so varied and I particularly like the pale blue buiding here. Those baskets with fruit are so pretty too.

  10. Even lovlier pics than in your last post :) I would love to go and see a musical in Hamburg!

  11. Seems like we did a lot of similar things (although this post reflects more my first Hamburg trip made in 2011 than the one from this spring) as I also did the boat tour and dined at the Portuguese quarters!!! Next time if you have more time, don't miss out on a day trip to Schwerin! They have a lovely castle and nice little village!
    PS: road trip coming up next Saturday ;) Soon more about the destinations...but we'll make it as South as Venice!

  12. The food looks amazing. I've heard the Lion King is pretty fantastic.

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  13. All the buildings are so charming, adds to the warmth of the city. Amazing photos! Haven't seen the Lion King yet, it must have been wonderful

  14. I enjoy visiting open markets too. The market there looks fascinating with all the different variety of Food on offer. Your smoked salmon looks delicious, the Buildings look so modern and stylish. Amazing photos Anouka.

  15. Amazing pictures ! Thank you to share all your beautiful travels with us :)


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