1. really nice pictures here.
    the food looks fantastic. i'm hungry now :)
    maren anita

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  2. Hi Miss Kat,

    Thanks for rating the EXKi @ Roissy.
    I'm pleased you loved the food and were well welcomed @ our restaurant.
    What the price regards, as you mention, we offer a good quality of products, fresh, tasty and when possible, organic.
    Even the tea you chose, is reputated to be one of the best teas.

    What the calories concerns, I invite you to discover our Food Pyramid named Ekilibre on the followin link: http://www.exki.fr/default/fr-fr/ekilibre.aspx

    On this link you will find a complete nutrional analysis of what you'ld like to eat, the % of daily needed proteins, lactose etc. a day...

    If you even have more questions, mail to marketing@exki.be.

    Hope to see you soon @ one of our EXKi-restaurants.

    Have a nice day, kind regards,

    Laura Walckiers


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